Celrase Cellulite Eraser Backs Product Performance With Scientific Proof

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Recent statistics have shown that up to ninety percent of people around the world suffer from the appearances of cellulite. Up until recently, many of the products available only provided minimal results, and were costly to acquire. However, Celrase--a revolutionary new cellulite cream--uses proprietary blends of scientifically proven ingredients that reduce the production of fat and literally erases cellulite in problem areas on the body, without causing any adverse side effects, and at the same time rejuvenating the skin in those areas.

The statistics on the amounts of those who suffer from the appearances of abnormal fatty deposits, or cellulite, are in. And they have determined that at least ninety percent of people around the world experience the formation of cellulite. It is a rather astounding and shocking number, considering that the percentile of the sufferers is so large. However, thanks to many recent breakthroughs in the realm of science, as it relates to cosmeceuticals, newer and more efficient, affordable and effective topical cellulite creams are coming to the fore that back their claims of product performance with scientific evidence.

Celrase cellulite cream, a product of Meadow Creek--a leading cosmeceutical company--is truly beginning to turn heads with the high amounts of success that consumers are experiencing with this easily applied topical cellulite cream. People are able to securely purchase the product online, and use it within the privacy and the comfort of their own home.

The product utilizes a proprietary blend of scientifically proven ingredients that prevent the formation of fat, and reduce the production of fat that contributes to cellulite, while targeting problem prone areas of the body, in addition to utilizing other ingredients which rejuvenate and revitalize the skin where cellulite has formed.

"Celrase is not just another touted cellulite cream that provides minimal results," states Alexis Freedman, spokesperson for Meadow Creek. "Rather, Celrase is a premier cellulite burning topical cream that utilizes scientifically proven ingredients that reduce the product of the fat cells, and that assist in the burning of free fatty acids, in addition to reducing overall fat in the target areas and preventing the formation of cellulite."

Science spells success when it comes to the active ingredients in Celrase, which are the secret behind the results that this cellulite cream provides. Celrase uses patented blends of Adiposlim (reduces the product of fat cells by causing a greater lipolysis, burning free fatty acids), and Adipoless (reduces fat and prevents the creation of cellulite).

"Our goal was to offer our customers the best cellulite cream currently available, and for the best price to be found," states Freedman. "We also took into consideration how the presence of toxin-filled cellulite could damage the appearance of the skin in those problem areas. So we made sure to include a proprietary blend of skin-rejuvenating ingredients that would assist in making the skin clearer and suppler, while reducing and eliminating cellulite simultaneously."

Celrase uses several scientifically proven ingredients to make the skin clear and supple. Squalene, an extract of Shark Liver Oil, helps to penetrate and moisturize the skin. While, Chenopodium Quinoa Seed extract helps the skin to return back to a glowing and youthful nature.

To see the best results from the usage of this product, the company advises that the consumer apply small amounts of Celrase to the affected areas one to two times per day, gently massaging the product into the problem areas. They will begin to see results within two to six weeks of daily application.

To learn more about how Celrase--the revolutionary cellulite eraser topical cream--can help to erase cellulite on your body and rejuvenate the skin, please visit them online at: http://www.celrase.com

About Celrase:

  •     A creation of Meadow Creek--a leading cosmeceutical company
  •     Uses a proprietary blend of two patented and scientifically proven ingredients, Adiposlim, which reduces the production of fat cells by causing a greater lipolysis, burning free fatty acids, and Adipoless, which helps to reduce fat and prevent the creation of cellulite
  •     Rich in Squalane, a highly refined moisturizing oil derived from the olive; Squalane is very silky and easily absorbed, and has been found to be extremely compatible with the natural oils of the skin
  •     Utilizes Chenopodium Quinoa Seed extract to help the skin return to a soft and supple nature
  •     Shows noticeable reduction of cellulite and fatty areas in just 2-6 weeks of usage
  •     Can be easily applied as a topical, fat-burning cream
  •     Is currently available at their online store with a generous discount off the retail price when ordered online at: http://www.celrase.com

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