Skinlastin Experiencing Rising Sales Amid Recent FDA Botox Warning

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Recent FDA warnings--issued in early February of 2008--have advised consumers of newly learned risks that are associated with using the popular injections, Botox. Of the risks, dangerous side effects such as respiratory failure and death have been warned of by the FDA. This recent report has spurred the sales of safer, all-natural and clinically-proven anti-wrinkle creams like Skinlastin, which reports sales have been off the charts since the FDA announced their findings on the dangers associated with Botox injections.

For years the cosmetics community has striven to produce the next great product in skin care that can regenerate the youth of our skin. In recent years, numerous treatments and topical applications and anti-wrinkle creams have been procured that fight the signs of aging by eliminating the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles in our skin.

One of the more recent, and amongst the most popular, of such age-defying treatments is the lauded Botox injections. These painful and intrusive injections have shown dramatic results with regards to increasing firmness in the skin and in removing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as other medical benefits that Botox has to offer.

However, amid a recent FDA (Food and Drug Administration) warning, which was released in February of 2008, with regards to the popular Botox injections, there are newer, far more dangerous side effects that join the list of the many known side effects that can be caused by using injections like Botox.

Of the more common side effects that are already known, such as the loss of facial expressiveness, and the numbing or losing of feeling in the muscles of areas near to where injections have been administered, other more severe and sometimes fatal side effects, such as respiratory failure and death, have been warned about by the FDA in their recent report. And the amount or frequency of the dosage, as well as the manner in which it has been used are irrelevant; the warning includes a wide variety of dosage levels that can be administered to treat a range of conditions, all which are subject to the same potentially fatal side effects.

"As more people become aware of the inherent risks that can be associated with using an injected treatment to treat their skin, like Botox, many are opting to go with safer, anti-wrinkle creams like Skinlastin," states Lisa Goodwill, spokesperson for Dermagevity Skin Care--one of the leading cosmeceutical companies. "The sales of our anti-wrinkle cream, Skinlastin, have recently soared since the FDA report was released in February (2008) and have continued to dramatically rise since that time, because people just are not willing to take their own wellbeing in-hand when it comes to making their skin look and feel better."

Considering all of the benefits that can be experienced when using injected treatments, like Botox, and when comparing the pros of such treatments to the known adverse side effects, it is no wonder why companies like Dermagevity are experiencing such a climb in sales of anti-wrinkle creams like Skinlastin.

"Unlike injections, which can be both painful and intrusive, and can cause a multitude of undesirable side effects," states Goodwill, "Skinlastin has no known side effects." "It works immediately to increase firmness in the skin, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, and remove the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles in the skin by using all-natural and clinically-proven ingredients."

Skinlastin incorporates a proprietary blend of patented, scientifically and clinically-proven, age-defying ingredients to provide safe, natural and speedily results for the consumer. And when comparing the costs of maintaining such cosmetic appearances, anti-wrinkle creams like Skinlastin cost far less than injected treatments, and are safer to use.

To learn more about how Skinlastin can help to revive your skin and remove wrinkles and fine lines, please visit them online at:

About Skinlastin:

  •     An age-defying, anti-wrinkle cream created by Dermagevity Skin Care--one of the leading cosmeceutical companies
  •     Utilizes newer and patented compounds, like SYN-AKE®, to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines in the skin
  •     Clinically-proven to reduce wrinkles by up to 52%, and to create a smoothing effect of up to 82% within four to six weeks of usage
  •     Rich in Squalane, an all-natural extract from olive oil, which reduces fine lines, helps to heal the skin, and decreases dryness and scaly patches
  •     Uses a proprietary blend of clinically-proven ingredients like Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, which immediately relaxes tension in the facial muscles and reduces wrinkles, and Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, as well as Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, which have been scientifically proven to stimulate collagen production and promote the growth of the connective tissues
  •     Contains Hyaluronic Acid, an all-natural and very potent moisturizer that can carry up to a 1000 times its own weight in water, and helps to rejuvenate the skin
  •     Has no known adverse side effects
  •     Currently is available at their online store with a generous discount off the retail price when ordered online at:


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