Alarm Monitoring Companies to Provide Temperature Monitoring for Food Services

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Green Edge Systems, Inc. presents its All-In-One Monitoring™ wireless temperature monitoring system and its Web Based Rugged HACCP Hand Held PDA Inspection Systems for food services in the ASIS 2008 Security Exhibition.

Green Edge Systems, Inc., a trusted leader of HACCP temperature monitoring for food services, presents its All-In-One Monitoring™ state-of-the-art affordable hardware products, software and communication platforms for alarm monitoring companies in the ASIS 2008 Security Exhibition, Atlanta, Georgia 15-17 September 2008.

The new All-In-One Monitoring™ platform allows alarm monitoring companies to add temperature monitoring for their food service customers.

The new system allows alarm monitoring companies to provide monitoring services to refrigeration systems in addition to their existing alarm monitoring services without the need for upgrade their current alarm monitoring equipment.

The new All-In-One Monitoring™ platform for alarm monitoring companies is part of a new family of interfaces to the All-In-One wireless sensor platform that also includes:

  • All-In-One Monitoring™ platform for temperature monitoring of multi-location food services such as school food services.
  • All-In-One Monitoring™ platform for maintenance directors.
  • All-In-One Monitoring™ platform for refrigeration service companies that can manage remotely their customers' refrigeration equipment.
  • All-In-One Monitoring™ platform for energy managers that help optimize the energy efficient use of their refrigeration systems.

Alarm monitoring companies and refrigeration service companies can provide their customers with temperature and performance monitoring of refrigeration equipment in addition to central monitoring services.

All-In-One Monitoring™ features its own dashboard interface which allows full screen central monitoring of temperature, performance, predictive maintenance and energy efficiency monitoring of the refrigeration systems, in a single view.

When receiving alerts from All-In-One Monitoring™, customers get an indication of the severity and urgency of the problem.

FreshLoc™ is the market leader in wireless temperature and HACCP monitoring for school food services, hospitals and food production and delivery, with over 1,000,000 measurements per day, and growing.

This is what makes FreshLoc the ultimate refrigeration and food safety temperature monitoring solution:

  • The data is monitored from a 24/7, high security monitoring center with full back-up every few hours, geographically dispersed. The system is available 24/7 from any location; in the convenience of the home, work, and while on vacation and on the road.
  • No need for a specialist to operate the systems, no software configuration and support are needed, no software or servers on site. With Freshloc one never has to update software and stay with the same software version for years as mostly done by similar systems in the industry.
  • Schools are open less then 180 days per year, and about 9 hours per day. Therefore, for more than 80% of the time, the kitchens are closed and refrigeration problems have to be addressed by an advanced temperature monitoring system that is effectively monitored remotely with no need to come to the location in order to view the status of problems in the refrigeration system due to the fact that the servers where the software resides are located inside the district or organization.
  • Unlike most of the systems in the market, where one actually need to go to a computer at the campus in order to review problems, acknowledge alerts and stop escalating the alerts, FreshLoc's system is available 24/7 from anywhere. When one gets the FreshLoc alert, one is only one click away from a full history of the failed equipment's monitored data, and this is available from anywhere.
  • With FreshLoc, every sensor serves as a back-up device and data logger, thus ensuring that no measurement is lost. The system continues logging temperatures when the network is down or on power outages. One just needs to put sensors in trucks or food carts and they will be monitored as well.
  • FreshLoc is automatically monitoring the temperatures of the food in refrigerators and freezers. Many schools still rely on manual recording of temperatures in refrigerators and freezers, hence always record air temperature, same as done by other automatic temperature monitoring systems in the market. One should always be concerned about the food temperature, keeping food safe and not only about the air temperature in refrigerators and freezers, a reading that the Freshloc system provides as well.
  • FreshLoc has the most advanced reporting system in the industry. One can schedule any report automatically and get it daily, weekly, monthly or at any other interval or whenever needed from the systems. It can show readings every hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, etc. The report provides full details of alerts, corrective actions and statistical data of problems occurred during the reporting period. Freshloc even provides an automatic daily status report on the systems operation that includes any element of the monitored system.
  • FreshLoc provides alerts through e-mails and text messages, as typical done in the industry, but can also provide alerts to your home phone, office phone, and any cell phone. There is no need to have advanced phones by food service employees to receive alerts and reimburse them for their text messages.
  • With FreshLoc there is no need to wait for temperatures to go out of range as most systems are set for. FreshLoc can closely monitor the operation of the compressor and refrigeration system and when it stops to operate or malfunctions, alert instantaneously, long before the temperatures go out of range.
  • Freshloc can closely monitor the Defrost Cycle of freezers. This can not be done when temperatures are recorded manually, and are essential to ensure food safety. Kitchens need to have a system like Freshloc in place to declare that temperatures in coolers and freezers are properly monitored and food is safely stored.
  • The same system monitors temperatures, humidity, door openings, dishwasher rinse temperatures, temperature of delivered food on trucks and food carts and temperatures readings while preparing food.
  • Temperatures and door readings are continuously recorded, eliminating false alarms. No more false alerts on door openings that are based on random readings.
  • The Freshloc system constantly analyses how often equipment malfunctions, and constantly provides alerts with suggestions for preventive maintenance for equipment that is about to fail.

The Web Based Rugged HACCP Hand Held PDA Inspection System monitors a wide variety of food safety and restaurant-sanitation items (SOP) via a digital checklist on an Internet-connected PDA device. All the data and reporting are available in real time, all the time. Eliminates the margin for error on food safety.

The Hand-Held PDA is a powerful web-based tool for managing HACCP and inspection programs for large food service organizations. Combining the best handheld technology, temperature data acquisition, and .NETweb-based software, automates the monitoring of quality risk factors while dramatically lowering the potential for human error.

Highlights of the Rugged HACCP Hand Held PDA:

  • Inputs temperature probe data directly into the PDA
  • Ensures checkpoints are actually visited through audit reports.
  • Prompts with corrective actions whenever a critical limit is exceeded.
  • Manages multi-step processes such as cooling.
  • Makes reports instantly available via web-browser.
  • Ensure critical food handling procedures are followed via automated checklists, action prompts, and audit trails.
  • Streamline regulatory, reporting with paperless data capture.
  • Stay on top of the latest safety procedures with centralized configuration and automatic change distribution.
  • Improve awareness of food safety with instant alerts and enterprise reports.
  • Simplify support with centralized configuration tool and easy-to-use hardware and software solution.


  • Ensures critical control pints are maintained


  • Flashing
  • Audible


  • One-point and multi-point food handling process
  • One-time or repeat scheduling


  • Completed checklists sent to enterprise
  • Incomplete checklists held in queue


  • Direct
  • Manual


  • Rule-based critical limit detection
  • Corrective action prompts action options
  • Acknowledgement


  • Operator name
  • Location verification
  • Timestamp


  • By user pin
  • By user signature


  • Maintain records of HACCP compliance


  • User administration
  • Programmable definitions
  • Menu items
  • Equipment
  • Critical limits
  • Corrective actions
  • Checklist construction
  • Automatic synchronization to handheld units

Green Edge Systems, Inc., is a trusted leader of Technology Solutions for School Food Services that include HACCP wireless temperature monitoring and food safety solutions, state-of-the-art affordable hardware products, software and communication platforms , humidity refrigeration control and Digital Menu Boards that include the FreshLoc HACCP wireless temperature monitoring system, the iQuality PAR Tech Web Based Rugged HACCP Hand Held PDA Inspection System, the HumiFilters humidity cooler filter Blankets ,the Epicure Digital Menu Boards for School Foodservices and the Tel-Tru Check-Temp thermometer calibrators. These systems provide key elements for implementing the required HACCP food safely that ensures food safely and substantial saving for school food services and efficient and modern operation of School Food Services.

To get additional information on the Freshloc HACCP Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems for Food Services, the iQuality PAR Tech Web Based Rugged HACCP Hand Held PDA Inspection System, the Epicure Digital Menu systems, the HumiFilters Humidity Cooler Filter Blankets and the Tel-Tru Check-Temp thermometer calibrators or to set up a meeting and demonstration, visit us at one of the coming events or contact Green Edge Systems, Inc. at 855-463-6473.

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