Debt Management "Minnow" Lewis Alexander Stands Strong After Avoiding Acquisitions

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Lewis Alexander Limited, the specialist Debt Management, Debt Consolidation and IVA advice service has released information about the current standing of the company after its decline of offer/s made relating to the possible sale of the business over the last 3 years.

Debt Management specialists Lewis Alexander of Manchester England have confirmed that trading remained profitable for 2008 / 2009. Takeover talks and further bids were rejected over the last 2-3 years but the company remains in a position of financial strength regardless.

The company's main focus is on acquiring and retaining Debt Management clients. It does this through a free debt helpline, made available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the UK.

Most clients who approach Lewis Alexander are in need of advice and help regarding all different types of personal debt issues. Lewis Alxander is a UK registered trade mark and the company is recognised nationally both online and offline through direct response television advertising. An exceptional ability has been shown by Lewis Alexander when it comes to online SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. The company refused to Pay Per Click (PPC) in the past but market conditions are starting to allow for PPC as profit from uncostly SEO is up. The SEO success enjoyed has allowed Lewis Alexander to compete with the larger PLC competition without the same cost they encounter through paying per click. This in turn reduces the cost per client acquisition for Lewis Alexander over its competitors.

Whilst the company has made significant progress and growth over the last few years, it has done this much to the benefit of its existing client base by creating a compliant and honest environment where people can obtain the advice they need at the speed and time they require.

This can only be offered with the commitment of the clients that remain using the Lewis Alexander service. Most debt management companies boast a client retention rate of approx 5-6 months. Lewis Alexander is currently boasting client retention periods of 3-5 years, a massive difference which clearly states a difference in operational procedure.

The profitability of the company is down to a number of reasons. Firstly, the business model is based upon organic growth, so should an advertising campaign turn bad, it has been budgeted and paid for from cash at hand. Secondly, there are a board of keen directors involved that believe in development and investment in existing people and systems, that without, the company would not be where it is. Thirdly, the company shows a commitment to the clients long term financial recovery by not over stretching them and making initial repayments affordable. Their advisors are not commission based, they are paid regardless of the client taking the companies fee charging help. This ensures compliant advice on behalf of the company at all times.

The reputation of Lewis Alexander is at stake every time it makes an offer of repayment to a creditor, on behalf of a third party/client. This is because if the third party/client does not commit and repay, the offers sent by Lewis Alexander appear disrupting to the creditors. This is important as the client selection by Lewis Alexander is as important as the clients own selection of the service they choose.

The outlook for the company is strong for 2009 / 2010. Trading will be slowed by market conditions in the first / second quarter and the obvious problem faced for most debt agencies is that people cannot consider repaying their unsecured debts until they are back in employment. This will have significant setbacks to the industry as a main for the remainder of 2009.

Lewis Alexander faced offers and a potential opportunity to join a listed PLC company in its quest to increase market share of the Insolvency / Debt Management arena. The offer was declined by Lewis Alexander shareholders and thankfully due to current share prices at the time of this articles creation, the company stands strong as a master of its own destiny. The fact that the company is privately owned does allow for the extra care and consideration of the client management which is evidenced by the retention rates not just the ability to obtain new enquiries or acquisitions.

This is most important from an investment point of view as the company that attains a client quickly, makes a sale. However, the company that attains and retains clients makes the sale and builds an investable business with a strong foundation.

For further information about Lewis Alexander Limited please visit Lewis Alexander or call +44 (0) 161 872 3383.

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