"Saying No Protects New Year's Resolutions," Says Confident Woman Australia.

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Millions of Australians will fail to keep important New Year's resolutions for 2010. Why? Because they don't have the self-confidence to say "no" to the temptations they've promised to give up. Confident Woman Australia today issued new tips on how to say "no".

The self-confidence to say "no" saves NY resolutions

"Having the self-confidence to say "No" can save your New Year's resolutions and keep you healthy", says Rachel Green, Director, Confident Woman Australia.

Millions of people will fail to keep important New Year's resolutions for 2010 unless they have the self-confidence to say "no" to the temptations they've promised to give up.

Confident Woman Australia today released the five key ways to say "no" without aggression to help people keep their resolutions.

The first tip is to say "Thank you" before saying "no".

Rachel Green, Director of Confident Woman Australia, says, "It's important that you aren't just rude or aggressive as you need others to support you. When someone starts to persuade you to have that extra drink or piece of chocolate cake say, "Thank you, that's really kind of you, no thanks".

The second tip reaffirms the value of using a pleasant, warm voice tone. A more sarcastic or dismissive voice is discouraged as it can sound aggressive and sour relationships.

The third tip suggests that guilty feelings need not dictate people's actions. Feeling guilty can put people off saying "no", but it needn't, as the guilt may just be there through habit or because people have been brought up to put everyone's feelings ahead of their own. The guilt may also arise simply because people lack self-confidence.

Rachel Green says, "If someone tries to persuade you to watch TV when you've promised yourself to go to the gym, and you feel guilty, consider still going to the gym. Rather than not going you may be able to arrange to spend a different time with your friends or take them to the gym with you."

The fourth tip recommends saying "no" without giving excuses or reasons. It has been found by Confident Woman Australia that when reasons are given there is an increased likelihood of arguments arising. People will argue with the reason rather than with the "no".

"If you explain why you aren't drinking you may end up having to listen to a health lecture on the benefits of red wine. This could wear you down so that you give in just to keep the peace. If you drop off the reasons and just say 'Thank you, no' politely you'll sound more convincing and have more self-confidence", Rachel Green stated.

Finally it is important that people are able to stick to what they say and have the self-confidence to repeat themselves. When the first "no" is not respected or acted upon, the same thing can be said again.

"Usually after about three times people stop attempting to persuade. 'No, thanks', 'No thanks', 'No thanks' gets boring after a while so people give up. This can help you to keep your resolutions and boost your self-confidence," reported Rachel Green.

More ways to have the self-confidence to say "No" here.


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