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"Not What, Not How, but Who and How to Ensure Their Success" - Companies Face a Worldwide Talent Crunch: Talent has become a strategic issue, as companies increasingly make decisions based on the availability of labor and skills -- and face the challenges of finding and keeping good people.

Slayton Search Partners' survey of its clients reveals five key issues hiring organizations find themselves needing to address in order to woo the very best talent:

  • An unwillingness to relocate
  • Changes in the decision making process from an executive decision to a family decision
  • Greater focus on work-life balance, health and overall happiness and fulfillment
  • Higher salary and compensation expectations
  • Desire for altruistic working environment    

Talent has become a strategic issue, as companies increasingly make decisions based on the availability of labor and skills -- and face the challenges of finding and keeping good people.

According to experts at Wharton and The Boston Consulting Group, firms are increasingly questioning their workforce requirements and quality, training and development, and wage levels. Responses include over-hiring to meet future needs, upgrading training in concert with universities and in-house corporate schools, and extracting greater productivity through innovation.

Four best practices are emerging, Jim Hemerling, senior partner and managing director at BCG in San Francisco says, referring to the findings published this year in a new book he co-authored with BCG's Hal Sirkin and Arindam Bhattacharya titled, GLOBALITY: Competing with Everyone from Everywhere for Everything. According to the book, they include

  • Recruiting for rapid growth
  • Developing deep skills and commitment in their people
  • Training and deploying new hires quickly for early results
  • Allowing leaders to seize and build on opportunities

Hemerling says corporations, especially Western companies, have until now "essentially relied on poaching from other companies" -- escalating talent costs in "a zero sum game." But that is changing.

In addition, firms are "accelerating leadership development" by "giving people more responsibility sooner, and identifying high-profile individuals and giving them more training and developmental experiences."

So how do we ensure our employees success?

  • Planning: develop a plan that ensures our HR program emphasizes employee success and optimizes organizational performance
  • Staffing: recruit & retain quality employees to keep our organization successful and competitive
  • Compensation: provide fair & equitable compensation program to drive the behavior that produces successful and loyal employees
  • Development: direct employees to pursue avenues of career development that will yield future organizational growth
  • Review: conduct performance evaluations to regularly connect with employees and provide guidance to help them maintain career goals

Executive Search International is a worldwide search and recruitment firm that has served the hospitality industry for over 30 years. It is recognized by the global hotel industry as the 'state of the art' search company because of the organization, structure and process it goes through to identify the right talent for its clients.

Erling Frydenberg is Executive Vice President Talent Acquisition & President of the Cruise Division of Executive Search International. Executive Search International's website, http://www.esiglobal.com provides further information about the company, and interested parties can contact Erling directly either on telephone number 407 926 6030 or efrydenberg @ esiglobal.com.


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