New Fitness products from Molecular Fitness ...Athletes Rave About Molecular Fitness: Improved Endurance, Reduced Cramping and Faster Recovery; Flagship Products MineralConnexin™ and MultiConnexin™ Provide Essential Nutrients Athletes Need to Train Harder and Perform Better

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New Fitness products from Molecular Fitness provides the Essential Nutrients Athletes Need to Train Harder and Perform Better

The 2008 Portland marathon was simply a training race for Molecular Fitness ultra marathon runner Kami Semick. "I wasn't looking to win," Semick said. "I was just looking for a solid time." Yet Semick, 42, finished the race with a personal record (by eight minutes) and felt strong going into the IAU 100k World Cup in Italy. Semick has been training with the Molecular Fitness program and explains, "I have faster muscle recovery, less burn in my muscles and have achieved a higher level of training through the program." Kami won the Portland Marathon in 2:45:24, a personal best that would have qualified her for the 2008 Olympic Trials. To top that off, Semick took 2nd place at the 100k World Cup, "I had a great race with a time of 7.33.54, my personal best by 18 minutes on a very challenging course" On Molecular Fitness, Semick led US women to a silver team medal.

Many athletes are looking for ways to enhance their performance in a healthy way. Developed by author of the groundbreaking book, Molecular Fitness: The Connexin Connection to Optimal Health and former Stanford Professor Darrell L. Tanelian, M.D., Ph.D., Molecular Fitness with its flagship products MineralConnexin™ and MultiConnexin™ help enhance endurance, reduce muscle cramping, improve energy and mental focus, elevate natural growth hormone, prevent and reduce joint and muscle soreness and injury by optimizing the body's connexin molecules. During a recent endurance race, Semick noted "I ran 50 miles with an elevation gain/descent of 15,000 feet and recovered very quickly. My legs didn't have that 'depleted' feeling at the end and I was back to running in two days."

According to Dr. Tanelian, "today's athlete is generally under-prepared for vigorous exercise and his/her body lacks many of the essential building blocks for proper development, maintenance and repair." These building blocks include vitamins, minerals, connexin enhancing nutrients and fatty acids. A deficit in these building blocks combined with dehydration leads to a state of acidosis and thickening of blood and results in decreased oxygen delivery to tissues and impaired cellular performance. Metabolic acidosis (systemic pH less than 7.4) causes many adverse conditions that impair optimal athletic performance including decreased endurance, poor bone health, poor muscle performance, cramping, poor wound healing, arrhythmia generation, decreased heart performance, decreased alertness and mental acuity.

Molecular Fitness helps athletes prevent acidosis and achieve optimal performance by 1) following an alkalinizing diet; 2) supplementing with MineralConnexin™ and MultiConnexin™, which provides essential minerals, vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants, Omega 3s and connexin enhancers in two easy packets per day; and 3) measuring key vitals such as pH, blood pressure, and blood glucose on a regular basis to obtain feedback. During rigorous events, athletes should replenish their bodies with additional minerals to replace those lost when sweating. One of the many significant advantages of an alkalinizing beverage, such as MineralConnexin, is that it helps to deliver more oxygen to all tissues, including muscle while simultaneously helping to conserve energy through enhanced carbon dioxide removal; thereby, leading to a slower breathing rate and less unnecessary expenditure of energy.

According to Allen Manison, D.C., CCSP, CCEP, the official chiropractor for the Toyota Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament and Baltimore Marathon "MineralConnexin can be used as a daily supplement to help keep electrolyte levels high and keep the body alkaline, but it can also be used quite successfully as a treatment protocol for athletes before, during, and after rigorous activity. I advise all sports physicians to carry this product and I also recommend that they educate their patients about The Molecular Fitness Lifestyle. This program is vastly superior to anything else on the market and it should be available in their office and at all sporting events for the health of the participating athletes."

To learn more about Molecular Fitness and to find out how you can order MineralConnexin™ and MultiConnexin™, go to or call 800-646-1022 x50.


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