Wound-Be-Gone™: New Product Set Standard of Care for Non-Healing Sores

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Effective and inexpensive treatment prevents complications associated with chronic wounds.

Expenses related to wound care may include surgical and diagnostic procedures, pharmaceuticals, fees for services provided by physicians and other health care professionals

Gone™ (http://www.woundbegone.com/)], lead product offering from Wake Pharm US, is now available and is changing the way people treat chronic, non-healing wounds. Inexpensive yet very effective, Wound-Be-Gone™ and its patented free radical binding technology is putting wound care into the hands of people who might otherwise suffer or whose wound problems might escalate until they need expensive medical interventions.

Complications from chronic, complex non-healing wounds can be dire. Not only can they lead to infection and pain, they lead to depression and even limb amputation. Patients affected by these types of wounds often require additional help performing common daily tasks and face higher mortality rates. Wound-Be-Gone™ is useful beyond simple wound care.

Literally millions of Americans seek relief each year as complex non-healing wounds are associated with diabetes, pressure ulcers, venous ulcers and non-healing postoperative wounds. Everyone needs access to the "best standard" of care to heal chronic wounds. The new over the counter product Wound-Be-Gone™ promises to significantly reduce the overall costs for treating wounds, and restore quality of life.

Damian Styga, Sales/Marketing Executive stated that Wake Pharm US points out many dimensions that treating acute and chronic wounds represents a significant financial burden on people and on the health care system. "Expenses related to wound care may include surgical and diagnostic procedures, pharmaceuticals, fees for services provided by physicians and other health care professionals," he said. "Other costs include the use of medical equipment, the use of devices to provide compression or support for surfaces, wound closing, and the cost of skin care protection products, compression bandages, and changing dressings."

Wake Pharm US, Inc encourages the adoption of cost-effective wound-healing approaches for acute and chronic wounds management.

Wound-Be-Gone™ is a breakthrough invention for treating acute and chronic wounds. It works using a patented, revolutionary principle, and is totally different from current healing products. It helps the wound fully heal.

Some of conventional medical treatment work well for the early stage of healing but are not designed to see healing through. While they are fine for the inflammation stage, they don't help the wound cover up with new skin. So while treatment of the wound may occur, healing does not.

Wound-Be-Gone™ offers a unique combination of the most modern treatments for "moist healing" together with a patented active ingredient developed by the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

The moist environment supports the movement of cells in the wound and maintains constant temperature in the wound, which is critical for quick healing without unsightly scars. The active ingredient removes free oxygen radicals from the site of the wound, while at the same time creating an elastic layer that prohibits contact between the wound and its external environment. This prevents infection and accelerates healing process.

For more information on Wound-Be-Gone and its revolutionary wound healing properties, please visit http://www.woundbegone.com


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