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Anyone looking to make money on the Internet will want to check out the new Founder Greg Morrison has put blueprint there to create a successful online home business for anyone to follow. Owner

The Best Ways To Make Money Online

People looking to make money on the Internet are in luck with a new online home business is not a 'scam' or 'get rich scheme', but rather a proven, effective way to create a successful career from the comfort of home.

Just two short years ago,'s founder Greg Morrison was an opiate addict. Since then, Greg has overcome his addiction, recovered from $10,000 in debt, bought a new home, and established a five-figure monthly income. He recently even sold one of his websites for approximately $200,000. is not a 'get rich scheme'. Greg knows the Internet pitfalls as well as anyone since he was set off course by a few different scam programs that he had bought, like many people do when first starting out in the internet marketing field. It almost made him give up, as the programs made him think that making money online was a hoax. Not only was he not making money, but he was losing money because of the horrible instructions from these programs to dive into pay per click marketing with search engines such as Google.

He made one last attempt one day when he came across a website called The Rich Jerk. He read the e-book and eventually got deeply involved in the forum where he is still an active and highly respected member to this day.

He came to learn that the previous programs he had bought before The Rich Jerk were nothing but scams, and it really boiled his biscuits to know that these scams were the reason that he almost quit. He decided that one day he would help people avoid the same scams that had almost deterred him from this lucrative online home business.

Within around a month of being at The Rich Jerk, Greg had earned his first profits online, and had learned a ton of information on all kinds of ways to make money on the Internet, Salehoo, Doba, WorldWide Brands, and Profit Lance. He had also purchased the e-book "Beating AdWords" which is an e-book on pay per click marketing with the search engine Google.

With the help of all the sites above, Greg was able to establish an income of around a hundred dollars a day within about 2-3 months of working online. He credits a lot of his success to The Rich Jerk for being the site that got him started in the game of internet marketing, but knows that no place helped him learn more than Wealthy Affiliate University which is almost as good as going to a real university for making money online he claims, except it's about one thousandth of the price.

After about 3 months of working on his online home business, Greg had created his first informational product. The product was pretty successful, making an average of an extra $100 a day or so. He eventually went on to sell that website and product for the price of $10,000.

With that money he started up a new website that would be the seed to his successful internet marketing career, along with education from Wealthy Affiliate University. At around 6 months of being online, Greg had now had a site that was making as much as $2,000 a day. Greg kept this site for about 2 years, making about $500,000 profit from the site in those 2 years.

Many times Greg would fall asleep at night to find he had made as much as $1,000 over night in his sleep. He was now making that automated income he had always wanted. He was now making money around the clock.

With his recent success, Greg has not forgotten the promise that he made to himself when he first started with the business of learning how to make money online. He promised himself and maybe even a higher power, that when he made it he would help others do the same by giving them free information, and also providing them with reviews of the exact programs that helped him go from drug addict in debt, to successful online business owner with a six-figure income.

And so - "The Best Ways To Make Money Online" was born. For more information about how to make money on the Internet or to get more information on the successful online home business, visit


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