Drop the Controller and Throw a Corn Bag

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With many kids spending time in front of televisions and holding up videogame controllers, the foundation of American families is slowly crumbling. BackyardManiaFun.com is a new website that is taking some traditional games and reintroducing them to the American family version 2.0.

Cornhole, or Corn Toss, is similar to horseshoes, except you use wooden boxes called cornhole boards and corn-filled bags instead of horseshoes and metal stakes

Remember the saying, "The family that plays together stays together?" These days, many families are becoming fractured and traditional activities like a family game night have been pushed aside in favor of videogame systems and other hi-tech gadgetry. With collective fun and imagination deteriorating rapidly, independent business owner, Celeste Cottrell, did something about it.

"I wanted to do something that would help American families reclaim the basics and adopt a technology time out," said Cottrell. "The idea of quality time has all but disappeared."

In October 2008, Cottrell launched http://www.BackyardManiaFun.com, a website that specializes in family and group-friendly games like horseshoes, bocce ball, and Cornhole. Unlike many sports stores, BackyardManiaFun.com's take on outdoor group games is vastly different from flag football or basketball, yet it contains much of the same heart and camaraderie.

Cornhole, mostly known in the Midwest, however, is a very popular game in its own right.

"Cornhole, or Corn Toss, is similar to horseshoes, except you use wooden boxes called cornhole boards and corn-filled bags instead of horseshoes and metal stakes," said Cottrell. "The best reason to play Cornhole is that it can be played anywhere. It's been played in driveways, parks, backyards, campgrounds, beaches, and even indoors. Everyone can play, because Cornhole is safe. There are no metal or pointed objects."

Cornhole is perfect for family reunions, parties, and tailgating for sporting events. Cornhole's portability makes it possible to take with you anytime, anywhere. But Cottrell isn't stopping there.

Recently, she added a new game called Yackle Ball, an aerodynamic-designed ball that flies farther than a football and is easier to catch due to the X shape. Another feature that Cottrell has added is a blog, http://www.BackyardFunInfo.com.

BackyardFunInfo.com has several tidbits of information about backyard games as well as some tips and additional accessories for these games.

All the while, Cottrell's desire to have an alternative to videogames has motivated her to construct an all-encompassing website for families and people who want to play games together and engage in conversation with loved ones and friends.

"With a little ingenuity and imagination, you can turn your backyard into a family fun center. Creating a relaxing backyard retreat, your yard can get you away from the hustle and bustle of your chaotic daily routine."

Cottrell continued, "As the website expands, we will include backyard accessories like tiki lights, firepits, hammocks, and décor accessories. I think these are great investments in reinforcing the family unit. I want to focus on weaning away from electronics and create attractive opportunities to nurture and strengthen family foundations. The backyard is an inexpensive paragon for fostering appreciation of family and friends. The backyard is a place to rest, refresh, and reunite."

About the Company:
Backyard Mania Fun is owned and operated by Celeste Cottrell. The site specializes in outdoor games, particularly Cornhole. The site carries custom-made Cornhole boards.

Contact Information:

Celeste Cottrell
(502) 225-6000

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