has Perfect Record for 2008

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Every daily prediction of gasoline prices by in 2008 has been correct.

at least for the first business day, and that's as far into the future as our model can reliably predict., a Web site providing short-term forecasts of changes in retail gasoline prices, has announced that its track record for 2008 is 100% correct. Predictions published each business day to email subscribers, and a few hours later on the Web site, have accurately foretold changes in retail gas prices every single time.

The company makes its predictions at the close of each business day, and recommends to its subscribers either that they buy gas now before the price rises, or hold off and buy gas the next day, when prices will be lower. Since they began publishing these forecasts, and even before they went public with their results, the predictions have always been correct.'s forecasts only apply to the retail price of regular unleaded gasoline in the 48 contiguous United States, and they only work for one business day into the future. Analysts monitor several data points, including the current retail price of gas in each of a dozen key cities, and the prices of gasoline futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), and calculate where the typical retail prices will be on the next business day. Using this information, subscribers can decide whether to buy gas that day, or to hold off for better prices another day.

Chuck Bonner, lead analyst for explains, "Of course, our subscribers are not making a fortune with the information we provide, but they are saving a few cents per gallon each time they follow our recommendations. Over the course of a year, that adds up to much more than the price of a subscription to our Gas Predictor newsletter."

It might be argued that predicting the price of gas for the past few months has been easy: It always goes down. However, as Bonner points out, that is not the case at all. "We predicted upward movements in five separate episodes, varying from one day to three days of increases in a row, and we were right every single time," Bonner says. The last such episode was for the last three days of 2008. When asked whether this current increase will continue into 2009, Bonner replied, "at least for the first business day, and that's as far into the future as our model can reliably predict."

Annual and quarterly subscriptions to the Weekly, Daily, and Intra-Day Gas Predictor email newsletter are available exclusively through the Web site, at


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