'Bryan Loves You' Movie Review Quotes Are Here!

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The most controversial horror film of the year releases review quotes to the public. International premiere scheduled for 2009!

Some people have questioned whether the horror film "Bryan Loves You" is really the true story of a cult that took over an Arizona town in 1993. Some are simply fans of Tony Todd, George Wendt or Tiffany Shepis, a few stars of the movie. But all agree it's fodder for discussion, one way or another. The verdict is in! It's a mesmerizing Alice-In-Wonderland-type journey seen through very trippy, very weird glasses.

Here's what the critics are saying:

"(T)his sucker will be all over a very, very creepy map and the net effect of this is one truly frightening piece. Seriously, I'm amazed by the kind of discussion that this could engender, and that's truly beyond what a 'horror movie' really is. 'Bryan Loves You' is the kind of thing that could be used in comparative religion study groups...If Oscars were given for direct to video horror, 'Bryan Loves You' would be on the Best Picture list...This is a concept that came quite literally out of nowhere to be a masterfully creepy ride through religious fundamentalism gone horribly awry. Its depth is as astounding as its breadth, and the overall effect is chilling and awe-inspiring." -- Steve Anderson, MovieWeb.

"What Seth Landau has created may be the flick to make you wonder, 'Am I being watched?'" -- James Oster, JoBlo.com.

"It's an Orwellian nightmare for the YouTube generation, a vaguely surreal landscape sprinkled with hidden security cameras, secret stalkers and sinister religious fanatics." -- T. Rigney, Blogcritics.org.

"I'd go as far as to say it outdoes 'Blair Witch', simply for how close to home this idea hits. 'Bryan' is perfect, 2 a.m. freaky fare that will leave you looking over your shoulder." -- Louis Fowler, Colorado Springs Independent.

"Landau's use of home movies and security cameras gives an almost surreal quality but he never loses track of the documentary look and feel. This might sound like opposing techniques but Landau pulls it off with an expertise that is amazing...This is an odd film that will get and keep your interest. There are things about it that will be familiar but the construction of the movie is something that is novel. Anchor Bay is a great source for little films like this that have not registered on the radar of most people. It you are in the mood for something unusual then give this one a try and you will not be sorry." -- Doug McLean, Home Theater Info.

"(I)t is one of those flicks that sticks in the back of your mind. I guarantee you will never look at a security camera the same way again." -- Luke Franklin, Horror-Movies.ca/MoviesOnline.ca.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qcZbYglLyM
Homepage: http://www.grassrootstheory.org/bryan.htm


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