Be Free From Exam Nerves: The New Online Service Provides the Best Chance of Excelling In Examinations and Tests at Whatever Age

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A new website has been launched by The Be Free From partnership. The site is designed specifically to get rid of all examination and test nerves. It's name is EXAM AID and it can be found at The website gives detailed personalized instruction, there and then, on how to get rid of exam and test nerves. At the end it provides a free optional print out personalized instructions for later use. If the instructions do not work, the company offer a 'no quibble' money back guarantee.

Get rid of exam nerves - now. This is what the front page of the new website from The Be Free From Partnership states loudly. It continues on to explain how the tried and trusted techniques use various acupuncture points on the body and how by tapping on them can reduce significantly, and in many cases get rid of exam nerves quickly and easily. It costs £10 ($15) and is backed up by a money back guarantee. This seems to be great value for money given the result it promises. For such a minimal investment what is there to lose?

Kevin Laye and Steve McNulty run The Be Free From Partnership that owns and operates the website. Their company specializes in helping people with all types of anxieties, fears and phobias. They are both highly qualified and experienced therapists and trainers. The website leads straight to the home page for Exam Aid.

Once on the site, registration takes only a few seconds and can be anonymous, only giving an email address which is used to verify the user's existence. The exam nerves sufferer answers a number of questions, which are kept totally confidential. The answers describe the sufferer's specific issues. Once the fact finding is complete the £10 ($15) fee is paid. Then, based on the information given, full instruction is designed to fit exactly the sufferer's background, profile and emotional make-up. Instruction is then received on how, where and for how long to tap on the areas of the face, body and hands plus other techniques that add to the overall effect. At the end a free option is available to print the instructions received for future use. These instructions are like made to measure clothes. They are designed especially for the sufferer from the information given. The instructions, like made to measure clothes, will fit the specific sufferer perfectly, may fit other sufferers badly and not fit most people at all.

Parents can access the site for their children and administer the instructions on their behalf.

Laye and McNulty use these techniques daily face to face with live clients in their respective clinics. Why then give this away for so little when they can charge over £100 ($150) an hour to see people privately? Two reasons they say. Firstly, they wanted to get their techniques known to a much wider audience far quicker than they can do personally and secondly they can treat tens of people an hour with the website leaving them free to treat only the most difficult cases that need a one to one intervention.

The techniques used are being practiced in Integrated Health Centres around the UK and are approved by the UK's National Health Service Trust Association and published in their directory of complementary therapies. All techniques used are verified and approved by the company's insurers. Kevin Laye has trained a number of Medical Doctors in these techniques, all of whom use them regularly in their practice.

Knowing the positive effect successfully reducing exam nerves could have on the outcome of the exams, tests or interviews, and also knowing that the techniques used can, at worst, leave the sufferer exactly as they were and never any worse, this has to be worth £10 ($15) of any exam nervous person's money. And if it doesn't help, the company offer a money back guarantee...again, what have you got to lose?

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