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Speed and semantic understanding now available to resolve information access challenges

By integrating our technology, user will spend perhaps 50 percent less time with searching to find their products. Customer loyalty rises and people will come back even if the store doesn't offer lowest prices on all products.

Search technology company Weitkämper Technology (http://www.weitkamper.com), based in Germany, and CEO Norbert Weitkämper are the subjects of a recent interview with Stephen E. Arnold, an expert in search, content processing, and text analytics.

Weitkämper Technology is leading the industry with its multi-source search suite. This up-and-coming competitor's XSEARCH package is customizable to focus on the client's specific need. It offers nine variables: Clustering Engine, Suggest, DidYouMean, Summarizer, Linguistic Engine, Federated Search, Facet Navigator, Entity Extractor and Intelligent Classifier.

"Developing algorithms is a long term business. And success is not really controllable by money in the long run. But really good technology will nearly always end in monetary success," said Weitkämper, who granted an exclusive interview about the company's new technology to Beyond Search, a research firm covering search, content processing, and information access.

The interview is available at http://www.arnoldit.com/search-wizards-speak/xsearch.html.

The search suite uses its speed to initiate search while the terms are being typed. Weitkämper calls this the HitEngine. With the HitEngine, hitting the Return key to run a search is no longer required. By providing a list of choices as the term is entered, it shortens the repetitive search process. And many users will recognize the purpose of Weitkämper Technology's Did-You-Mean technology: The engine provides hits for misspelled words or irregular nouns.

Out in what is becoming a crowded field, search vendors are expanding products into customer support, business intelligence and and eDiscovery, among other market sectors. Weitkämper is sticking with "traditional eCommerce applications and other content with roughly structured data, like trademark or business information system."

Weitkamper Technology has been busy. For example, in July the company launched clusterpat.com, a federated search solution for U.S. and European Patents.

Speed is a crucial selling point for Weitkämper Technology's products. "It's the speed for this completion task which makes the Return key needless and therefore speeds up any search," the CEO said.

"Our HitEngine offers a real return on investment," Weitkämper said. "By integrating our technology, user will spend perhaps 50 percent less time with searching to find their products. Customer loyalty rises and people will come back even if the store doesn't offer lowest prices on all products."

Weitkämper himself is an industrial engineer. He started his career in electronic publishing, developing CD-ROM applications. Taking advantage of the industry, he started his own company and partnered with several information retrieval providers. Over time the company grew to focus on Intranet applications. When search became key in many applications, Weitkämper recognized that more and more companies wanted to keep their current search systems and architecture. The company started to develop search enhancement add-ons and extensions.

Weitkämper believes the company will have many opportunities in 2009 as global competitors deal with overhead, which translates to high prices. "Fortune 500 will learn to trust smart, reliable technology from smaller companies for relatively little money," he said.

For more information, contact Weitkämper Technology GmbH (http://www.weitkamper.com) by mail at Reindlweg 3, 82418 Seehausen am Staffelsee, Germany; by phone at +49 (0)8841 48824-22; fax +49 (0)8841 48824-88; or e-mail weitkaemper [at] weitkamper.de. The company will prepare demos with client-specific content upon request.

About Weitkämper Technology:
Established in 1994, Weitkämper Technology delivers solutions for Intelligent Search, Navigation and Classification with its intuitive XSEARCH software. In honor of its pioneering work, the company has received the digita, the European Comenius Medal and the German Innovation Price ITK 2007 and 2008 in the field of Knowledge Discovery. E-mail weitkaemper [at] weitkamper.de or visit http://www.weitkamper.com for more information.

About Stephen E. Arnold:
Stephen E. Arnold monitors search, content processing, text mining and related topics from his high-tech nerve center in rural Kentucky. He tries to winnow the goose feathers from the giblets. He works with colleagues worldwide to make this Web log useful to those who want to go "beyond search". Contact him at sa [at] arnoldit.com. For more information about Arnold IT, contact Stuart Schram, chief technology officer, at (502) 228-1966. The company's Web site is http://arnoldit.com, and the Beyond Search blog is at http://arnoldit.com/wordpress/.


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