'America's Auctioneer,' Larry Makowski Available As An Expert Interviewee For Television, Radio, Internet and Print

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"The world of residential and commercial property auctions has changed dramatically in the last year," stated "America's Auctioneer™, Larry Makowski, "new auction houses are starting up due to tough economic times. Because of lose regulations for formal training in the auction industry, anyone regardless of experience can become an auctioneer. The true message about auctions can become muddled."

Hall of Fame auctioneer Larry "America's Auctioneer™" Makowski is the senior auctioneer and founder of renowned auction powerhouse "Express Auctioneers", of Baltimore, Maryland and developer of the "Express Auction™" Method.

Personable, photogenic, comforting and a seasoned public speaker with a sharp wit, Larry is available as an expert interviewee for all aspects of real estate, personal or real property, residential, commercial, industrial, government, unusual and unique auctions. He is also a veteran appraiser. He has keen eye and vast knowledge how to dispose of personal or public property.

Larry "America's Auctioneer™" Makowski, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on a moments notice for auction opinion, expert quotes, sound bites or full length interviews. National or international television interviews may be accommodated via VideoLink (Baltimore, MD. USA) and radio interviews via telephone or ISDN dialup with advance coordination.

About Auctions and the "Express Auction™" Method:
Auctions are old as mankind. Recorded history describes auctions in 500 BC, and later during the Roman Empire. The "Oxford English Dictionary" of 1595 is the earliest English reference to the auction. And everything has been selling well at auction ever since.

The most widely recognized talent of the auctioneer is undoubtedly his or her ability to "talk fast."

The rhythmic chant, developed over the decades is a means of creating excitement and moving the sale of property at a steady pace. It is certainly the attention getter on auction day. The success of an auctioneer, however depends upon many other factors.

The professional auctioneer is first and foremost a marketing specialist. In order to best serve clients, the auctioneer must have a working knowledge of the value of the items being offered. The auctioneer must know how to use targeted advertising to attract the people most interested in your property. This stimulates competition, thus securing the best possible results for the seller.

"America's Auctioneer™" Larry Makowski, developed the "Express Auction™" Method and trained "Express Auctioneers™" to present a rapid, efficient and high integrity system for delivering a public sale in which real estate or property is sold to the highest bidder; thereby creating the best possible return for our valued customers. The "Express Auction™" is a modernized and optimized versions of a 2500 year process.

About Express Auctioneers™ - "Rapidly and efficiently converting your assets to cash":
Express Auctioneers™, was founded by "America's Auctioneer™" Larry Makowski an auctioneer for over 30 years. He is designated as Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate, Certified Auctioneer, and Bid Calling Champion.

Larry "America's Auctioneer™" Makowski has been recognized as a trainer/educator for the professional Real Estate Community and has been a speaker at numerous related events around the country. Larry has developed http://www.AuctioneeringBlog.com ™ as the first website dedicated to "Continuing Education for Real Estate and Auction Professionals™"

By making every auction an "Express Auction™", Express Auctioneers™ accelerate the selling and buying process of real estate and personal property by utilizing a strategic marketing plan with a specified time limit, which is the most efficient and cost effective method that delivers the greatest return to the seller.

The "Express Auction™" maximizes value while minimizing expenses. The changing economy requires a rethinking as to the best method of selling and purchasing assets. The Express Auction™ examines each asset and formulates a plan to maximize local, regional, national and or global market exposure.

Teamwork, integrity, personalized service and customer education are what make up an Express Auctioneers™ core values. Experience, relentless hard work, creativity and honesty are the basis of an Express Auctioneers™ reputation.

"Express Auctioneers™" are available for the rapid, efficient, personalized and high integrity disposal of your assets with the greatest possible return. "Express Auctioneers™" are also available help you organize "Express Auctions™" for your non-profit organization. Based in Baltimore, Express Auctioneers™ perform Express Auctions™ in Maryland, Virginia, New York, Delaware, West Virginia, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, New Jersey and North Carolina. Express Auctioneers™ are available to consult or perform as guest auctioneer for your national or global Express Auction™ anywhere in the world.

For more information about Express Auctioneers™, the "Express Auction™" Method, sponsorship, licensing and event marketing opportunities contact:

Mr. Larry "America's Auctioneer™" Makowski
President, Senior Express Auctioneer™
Express Auctioneers™
(443) 365-2759

Press inquiries please contact:
Mr. Dennis Buettner
Director of Public Relations
Express Auctioneers™
(410) 852-6928

Express Auctioneers™, Express Auction™, America's Auctioneer™, Auctioneering Blog™, Continuing Education for Real Estate and Auction Professionals™ and any variation of these marks are trademarks of Express Auctioneers™.


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