More Consumers Turning to Clinically Proven Eye Creams--Like Eyelastin--as More Affordable and Safer Than Dermal Fillers and Botulism-Based Injections

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Recent FDA reports warning consumers of a variety of dangerous side effects associated with the usages of popular dermal filler and botulism-based facial injections have prompted many people to turn to clinically-proven eye creams, like Eyelastin. The increase of sales of these popular eye creams can be directly linked with the constant demand for effective and safe, anti-aging products. Additionally, eye creams like Eyelastin, have no known adverse side effects and tend to show the same results as injections within the first several weeks of usage--but at a far less and more reasonable and maintainable cost to the consumer.

Recent FDA (Food and Drug Administration) warnings have been issued making consumers aware of the known and inherent risks that are associated with using popular dermal fillers and botulism-based facial injections--like Botox. Of the more severe side effects, the FDA warnings specifically cited respiratory failure and death, alongside a plethora of other, less severe side effects. The FDA also noted that the risks of contracting any side effects from using such age-fighting products was the same no matter how much or how little of the product was being used, nor how often.

The main problem with botulism-based facial injections, according to the FDA report, is that in some cases the botulism can spread and cause severe damage to the surrounding areas that are not being treated. In many cases, the loss of facial expressiveness has been reported, where patients feel a sometimes permanent numbing to the tissues in the surrounding areas, and or the facial muscles.

When it comes to dermal fillers, the side effects that can be associated are similar to those of botulism-based injections. Many patients reported contracting less serious side effects, such as rashes and infections to the treated areas. In some serious incidents, patients died from adverse side effects. And some dermal fillers injections are even being recalled by the FDA, or having to add additional warning labels, because they can leave behind harmful traces in the skin post treatment.

"As more consumers are alerted to the associated dangers with using popular age-fighting dermal fillers and botulism-based facial injections to treat the signs of aging, many are choosing to go with a safer route by using effective eye creams like Eyelastin instead," states Lisa Goodwill, spokesperson for Dermagevity Skin Care--a leading cosmeceutical company.

"We have seen a dramatic rise in the sales of Eyelastin over the past few months as more consumers become wary of the adverse side effects that are associated with such age-fighting products (facial injections)," says Goodwill. "Our Eyelastin eye cream has been clinically proven to be as effective as any of the facial injections, but has no known side effects, and is far more cost effective in the long term for the consumer."

The eye cream, Eyelastin, is applied in small amounts around the skin near the eyes and lightly massaged into the skin one time per day. Results can typically be seen within the first several weeks of usage. It has been clinically proven to be effective in minimizing the appearances of dark under eye circles, crow's feet, puffy eyes, fine lines and smile lines.

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About Eyelastin:

  •     Developed by Dermagevity Skin Care--a leading cosmeceutical company
  •     The only eye cream that uses a breakthrough Nanoderm technology, a proprietary ingredient complex that brings together a powerful combination of proven anti-aging ingredients with an advanced delivery technology.
  •     Utilizes a revolutionary new formula that combines Hyaluronic Acid--which can carry up to a thousand times its own weight in water--and Vitamin K, which has been proven to greatly reduce puffiness and wrinkles in the skin
  •     Incorporates clinically-proven, age-fighting ingredients like Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, and Palmitoyl Oligopeptide--which have been proven to promote collagen production and increase the development and the growth of the connective tissues
  •     Minimizes the appearances of dark circles under eyes, puffy eyes and crow's feet, and helps to reverse the effects of aging and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the skin
  •     100% safe, effective and all-natural
  •     Has no known adverse side effects
  •     Available online for a generous discount on their secured online store at:

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