Heavy Sales of Phenocal Making New Year's Weight-Loss a Skinny Reality

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According to the United States government's website, USA.gov, weight-loss is the top New Year's resolution for Americans in 2009. Currently the US government cites that around sixty percent of all American citizens are overweight or obese. A trend that often begins during the youth, and one that in most cases continues on into adulthood. The online sales of Phenocal diet pills have seen heavy end-of-the-year sales as more consumers look for affordable, safe and effective ways to maximize their weight-loss potential during the coming New Year.

Weight-loss is currently ranked at the very top of the list of 'Popular New Year's Resolutions' on the United States website, USA.gov, which cites that around sixty percent of all American citizens are considered to be overweight or obese. It also further states that of that percentage, 14% are between the ages of 12-19--a number that has tripled since the 1980s--and nearly three fourths of them will continue this trend from their adolescence into adulthood.

Being obese or overweight has been proven to be linked with increasing the risks of contracting a number of harmful diseases later on in life, including heart disease, diabetes and cancers. The solution: an effective weight-loss regime that combines a balanced diet and at least twenty minutes of continuous exercise at least three to five times per week.

Yet many people who suffer from obesity or excess weight have trouble finding the energy to workout rigorously each week. In addition, many of these people also have trouble curbing excess food cravings--which caused them to gain excess weight in the first place--and suppressing overactive appetites. And, some of those who are obese have a slow metabolic rate, contributing to poor digestion and processing of fats that are stored in their bodies, causative to further weight gain over time.

"We have seen a dramatic rise in the sales our revolutionary diet pills, Phenocal, as more consumers jump on the New Year's resolution trend of making weight-loss their primary goal for 2009," states Daniel Watters, spokesperson for Pharmaxa Labs--a leading nutraceutical company. "The United States Government has even listed weight-loss as a top New Year's resolution on their website (USA.gov), which has spurred consumer interests in achieving their weight-loss goals by using safe and effective mediums like Phenocal diet pills."

Phenocal diet pills are taken orally several times throughout the day and work naturally and safely to suppress the appetite, increase the metabolic rate, enhance overall energy levels and maximize the body's fat-burning potential. When combined with a balanced diet, and daily exercise, excess weight can be easily shed expediently, safely and naturally.

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About Phenocal:

  •     Revolutionary diet pill manufactured by Pharmaxa Labs--a leading nutraceutical company
  •     Uses a proprietary blend of safe and all-natural ingredients
  •     Contains patented, clinically and scientifically proven blends of ingredients, including: Hoodia Gordonii, Green Tea Extract and 7-Keto, in addition to other thermogenic compounds that naturally control and suppress the appetite, increase the metabolic rate, and promote safe and effective weight loss
  •     Naturally suppresses the appetite
  •     Maximizes the body's fat-burning potential by increasing the metabolic rate
  •     Enhances the energy levels in the body
  •     Does not require a prescription from a doctor
  •     Has no known adverse side effects
  •     100% safe, effective and all-natural
  •     Available online with a generous discount at their secured website at: http://www.phenocal.com

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