SHEC Energy at World Future Energy Summit

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SHEC Energy will be exhibiting at the Future World Energy Summit to be held in Abu Dhabi between January 19 and 21.

SHEC Energy has developed a disruptive - next generation technology for the solar thermal generation of power and other forms of energy. SHEC's technology boasts a solar to thermal efficiency of 95% after the collection mirrors. This is significantly higher than existing solar technologies and allows SHEC to produce power at costs approaching those of traditional, fossil fuel based technologies.

SHEC's technology can be applied to point focus systems for smaller scale power generation from 25KW and up using heat engine technology and for larger scale systems using steam turbines.

SHEC's technology can also be applied to advanced solar tower designs that can employ thermal storage to generate power from stored heat when the sun is not shining.

SHEC's Solar Thermal plants have the advantage of using proven steam turbine technology that has been used in the power industry for decades. The plants generate higher operating temperatures to optimize steam turbine efficiencies. The plants can economically incorporate backup systems for 24/7 power generation and have the ability to co-generate other forms of energy such as chilled and heated water for distributed cooling and heating applications with little additional cost.

About SHEC Energy Corporation

SHEC formed in 1996 with the mandate of producing renewable energy cost competitively with fossil fuels. SHEC has developed advanced highly efficient solar technologies and manufacturing technologies to achieve this goal. Solar energy was the logical renewable source because it is abundant with about 6,000 times more energy bombarding the Earth than all of humanities energy requirements. It also has a lifespan of billions of years. Although SHEC originally developed its advanced solar technology for hydrogen production, it is a logical choice for efficient and economical renewable power generation.


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