Obsidian Beach, Inc. Offers Fresh Alternatives in Fiction and Nonfiction Literature in a World Full of Stale Entertainment

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Obsidian Beach, Inc. has added to its existing editorial and cover design services by marketing inventive literature from authors who bring innovation into an entertainment industry full of remakes and reality television.

We aren't into rehashing the past. Our authors never rework old material and then wrap it in a shiny new package.

Obsidian Beach offers innovative products in fiction and nonfiction from only those authors who have imagination, exceptional writing talent, and most important, a new perspective in a world saturated with weak entertainment. In the words of Obsidian Beach, Inc., President, Elizabeth A. Poroslay, "We aren't into rehashing the past. Our authors never rework old material and then wrap it in a shiny new package."

There are so many re-makes in the entertainment industry today. For example, the feature film, Journey to the Center of the Earth, based on Verne's classic novel, was recently released again as a film. Another re-release is the movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still. First released in 1951 in black and white, this movie was loosely based on a story by Harry Bates, titled, Farewell to the Master.

It is a sad truth that many prefer their entertainment only via television and film. A new animal, the reality show, has taken over prime time TV. It makes no difference if the show is made up of has-been celebrities in a mansion, or unknowns seeking fame on an island; the formula is always the same: a list of ridiculous tasks to complete, a voting process to kick off members, in-fighting, and back stabbing. Sadly, as these soap-opera themed shows increase in popularity, there is a sharp decline in those who read for entertainment. Even in the literary world, however, there are similar issues such as readers flocking to buy poorly written celebrity memoirs.

There is an alternative for the frustrated reader. Check out some new releases by Obsidian Beach, Inc.:

Project Dark Savior, by author, E. A. Mourn, is the first volume in a new crime series that introduces the unconventional Detective Liz Wylde. Wylde, a former FBI agent, joins the Tampa P.D. seeking revenge in her hometown for the heinous murders of her family. Just as she attempts to put the Westshore killings behind her, the murders on the Westshore of Tampa start all over again. Now she faces a killer far more twisted than she could ever imagine; a weapon made of pure evil, wearing an elusive face. Genuine and fictional science set this crime series apart from the rest in the detective genre.

In Deadly Intuition, the Second Unabridged Edition, also by Mourn, portals lead to alternate dimensions where immortals continue to wage fierce battles that have gone on for centuries in order to protect their world, as well as our own, from certain destruction. Action and suspense abound in this book; so much so that once this Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Horror hybrid is opened, it will be difficult to put it down. Categorizing this book into just one genre is difficult, but don’t expect to see dragons or spaceships.

For nonfiction, the memoir, Where Did I Go? by author, B. Erin Wylde, was nominated for a signing session at the Book Expo America (BEA) in Los Angeles in May of 2008. Wylde signed her books alongside many famous authors and large number of celebrities, as well. The first chapter of this book focuses on the writer's life, so the reader gets to know the person behind the pages. Writing in her laid back style, she talks about how she left a profitable career to become a SAHM (stay at home mom). Wylde touches on more serious aspects of her life prior to taking on motherhood: rape, attempted murder, a fire, emotional pain, and losing loved ones. Humor, however, is the main ingredient in this unusual true story. In a strange, but refreshing twist, she transports readers back to 1967, so they can experience life from the perspective of a toddler, observing everything through the bars of a playpen! Getting lost in motherhood is the main topic; the idea for the book was conceived one day when Wylde got out of bed, looked at herself in the mirror, and wondered, where did I go?

Available on Amazon.com at: Where Did I Go? by B. Erin Wylde

For Project Dark Savior in soft cover on Amazon.com: Project Dark Savior, and for hard cover copies go to: The Obsidian Beach, Inc. Store.

For Deadly Intuition, The Second Edition from Amazon.com: Deadly Intuition, the second edition

For author bookings visit: The Obsidian Beach, Inc. Official Website.

For direct links to the author’s websites, visit: The Official Website of Author, E. A. Mourn or, The Official Website of Author, B. Erin Wylde

New Projects: Authors, E.A. Mourn and Frank L. Wood are co-writing a novel that embraces a new concept inspired by a very old monster.

Watch for new novels, as well as sequels for all three books mentioned above in early 2009!


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