Security Firm Educates College Students and Women on Self Defense Products

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Security Pro USA in Los Angeles, CA is working with college students nationwide in order to educate students on campus safety. From working with campus officials to students directly, they are providing full-scale education on the use of personal protection devices.

how do I prevent what may or may not happen to me

Recent statistics are showing that the number of rapes and assaults on America's college campuses are on the rise. The age-old question of, "how do I prevent what may or may not happen to me" is on the forefront of the minds of many college students, men and women alike. In an effort to combat such horrible occurrences, Los Angeles based "Security Pro USA" presents a new line of various personal protection accessories geared to combat would be offenders on college campuses nationwide.    

Originally founded in 1986 as a provider of high-tech tactical defense and surveillance equipment to various government agencies and the military, the most recent shift has been to continue to broaden the options and effectiveness of personal protection gear and self defense tactics. Self defense products for college students are unfortunately essential in today's society.

According to Al Evan, Founder and CEO of Security Pro USA, "the capacity for various taser devices and pepper sprays to inflict injury isn't the concern; the main concern is ease of use, reliability, cost and the concealment factor." Having spent years in combat and military intelligence divisions, Mr. Evan has been immersed in the field for over 30 years and has witnessed first-hand the evolution of everything from combat night vision gear to armored vehicles to the full spectrum of personal protection gear. "It's unrealistic to assume that the general public will have in-depth knowledge on such product options, hence, the onus falls on us to educate, promote and even offer pricing options that meet each individual's needs," says Mr. Evan. He goes on to say, "in the case of college students, even more so with women, there's a certain invincibility factor; and couple that with naivety and a lack of awareness, and you have a fertile ground for the would be attacker."

So how does a company dedicated to strengthening the military, homeland security and police agencies provide a completely different scale of services to the general public? The plan in place for 2009 includes; visiting college campuses and offering student trainings and discounts; promoting awareness to parents of high school seniors, developing informative blogs and message boards geared toward student safety and much more.

In his 30-plus years of hands-on experience, Mr Evan continues to offer his knowledge base to police agencies, news shows, public and private organizations and basically anyone who expresses an interest in educating themselves or those they care about. The site, , provides everything you could possibly imagine including streaming videos geared toward personal safety and defense.

The line starts from simple pepper sprays/mace and sleek stun guns on up to jogging weights with hidden internal spray canisters and air-powered cartridge style tasers geared to increase the defendant's reach. Ranging anywhere from $30 to over $400, the options are vast. Each product is effective; the main differences are: size, range and concealment ability. Each item is backed by the company's training and ongoing support. His motto is, "don't guess, just call us and we'll walk you through everything you need to know."

He goes on to say, "it's imperative that the college student on a fixed income have the same accessibility to such items as those with greater means. Whether they're returning from the library after a late night study session or returning from the dance club at 2:00am, they are prime victims. With a backpack full of books, chatting on the phone or maybe a little alcohol in their system, we need to equip and educate them in order to minimize the possibility of a successful attack to ensue."

On an unrelated note, Mr. Evan recently appeared on an E Channel interview in order to share his knowledge on the fabrication of President Obama's new armored vehicle. The spot is scheduled to air in February, 2009 and the streaming video will be added to the Security Pro USA Website soon after.

For those interested in providing a personal defense training, interview or educational seminar with Mr. Evan, please call him at (310) 475-8505. Group discounts will always be made available. For more information on their entire line of products and services, please visit the website at

NOTE: some products are restricted in certain localities throughout the U.S. When you visit the site, click on "Personal Protection" and scroll all the way down to see which products may or may not be allowed in your region

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