21st Equity Commodities Introduces Cost Effective Solutions To Global Cement Supply Markets To Meet Growing Demand

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Following months of speculation, it has now been confirmed that 21st Equity Group has been appointed as an official mandate holder of major cement producers and allocation holders and is able to supply hundreds of millions of tons of cement to a global network of commodity traders, agents and direct cement buyers.

21st EQUITY HOMES MANUFACTURING INC. (21st Equity) a precast home manufacturer and official Mandate Holder for global cement supply offers Cement Buyers and Commodity Traders cost effective solutions for the global supply of Portland Cement.

Once again, 21st Equity CEO Stephan Schurmann identified a market need and provided a solution, this time in the unregulated and global 'in demand' cement supply industry. With global demand for cement increasing, shortage of availability of stock together with rising costs of cement, the timing of 21st Equity's launch of its global cement supply chain could not have been more appropriate.

CEO Stephan Schurmann says "The market turmoil which has plagued global businesses has not had much effect on the demand for cement. Our research over the last few months focused on demand for cement along with meeting global needs of agents seeking to meet their client demands. It was this need, and insufficient supply to meet demand, which resulted in 21st Equity Group negotiating highly beneficial mandates with capacities of hundreds of millions of metric tons of cement per annum. Not only do we meet demand but our pricing structures are highly competitive."

"For years the cement industry has been unable to offer direct cement buyers or agents and brokers a source to meet their own or their client needs. The daily requests for assistance to supply cement received from cement buyers and brokers was evidence enough that a demand for cement existed, especially to supply cement agents and brokers along with commodity traders" says Schurmann.

"After just a number of days of research it was clear that there are literally thousands of cement agents, brokers and commodity traders who were all searching for suitable suppliers of cement, with no solution in sight. All too often cement buyers are dealing with multiple agents or 'middle men' brokers or commodity traders, which complicate transactions, many of which result in failure and non-delivery; thereby ultimately leaving the client 'high and dry'.

21st Equity has sought to fill this gap in the marketplace by way of giving cement buyers, agents and commodity traders the comfort of knowing that they are dealing with a mandate holder; thereby giving them the ability to service their clients with confidence knowing that delivery is not questionable and pricing is highly favourable" says 21st Equity CEO Stephan Schurmann.

"During our research into the market it was evident that overpricing is rife. Under no circumstances do we support the practice of overpricing in the cement industry. 21st Equity prides itself on its commitment to capping its pricing structure to its clients at 'cost plus a maximum of US$ 2'. Therefore, irrespective of how many brokers, agents or commodity traders there are in the chain there is only US$ 2 per metric ton commission, period!" were the words of CEO Stephan Schurmann. It is this approach that has proved our biggest success as real buyers appreciate our transparent protocol and procedures.

Knowing full well the answer to the question, Mr. Schurmann said "I ask you, which purchaser of cement such as a government, building contractor, municipality or anyone else could turn down an offer to pay 'cost price plus a maximum of US$ 2? This is the 21st Equity value proposition to the marketplace and I know it has taken the market by storm!

For example, how can any CEO or Managing Director place an order for say 2 million metric tons of cement and pay US$ 5 more per metric ton through 'over-pricing' to a chain of 'greedy brokers'? The saving of this over-pricing alone equates to US$ 10 million! No company in the world has such an amount of money to 'waste' in brokers commissions, especially if the only thing the broker did was to 'forward' an email to the next broker in the chain... It impacts directly on any company's bottom line and certainly pays a lot of company bills.

Company CEO's and buyers of cement are not fools. Treat them correctly and they will support you on an ongoing basis. Take them the 21st Equity value proposition and see the results." Says Mr. Schurmann.

21st Equity Group has embarked on a global drive to create awareness amongst all cement buyers, and intelligent agents, cement brokers and commodity traders that 21st Equity Group is an official mandate holder and supplier of Portland cement globally at highly favourable pricing structures. 21st Equity has responded to market requests to ensure high quality of supply in its cement offering. Therefore, 21st Equity CEO Stephan Schurmann has confirmed that he has to meet his clients wishes and therefore he has ensured to source and deliver cement, only according to International Standards and including all certificates as laid out below FREE of charge!

21st Equity Commodities deliver ordinary Portland Cement Grade 42.5 N or R according to:

  •     United States Standard ASTM C 150 or
  •     British Standard BS 12/1996 or
  •     European Standard EN-197-1/2000 or
  •     Russian Certification GOST N/R or
  •     SON Conformity Assessment Program (SONCAP) or
  •     SABS standards SANS 50197 6 or
  •     EQM - Emirates Quality Mark Certificate for Cement Specifications approved by the Dubai Government or
  •     SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization) Certificate

The origin of the COMMODITY is from USA, Canada, Mexico, India, Egypt, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, Romania, and CIS Countries or at the Seller's Option. 21st Equity guarantees that their supply DOES NOT come from China as many clients have requested cement from non-Chinese origin.

21st Equity Group has put in place transparent procedures and documentation to facilitate a quick turnaround time should cement traders, agents or commodity traders wish to meet their client needs and utilize the services of 21st Equity as an official cement mandate holder. For further information visit the company's web site at: http://www.equitypanels.com

About 21st Equity Homes
The 60 Seconds Elevator Pitch - Company Profile:
21st Equity Homes Manufacturing Inc. is a global Homes Manufacturing and Construction Company as well as an official Mandate Holder & supplier of Portland Cement for clients around the world. We establish turnkey home manufacturing plants worldwide, provide equipment, know-how, training, full backup support to supply (and build) 21st Equity precast manufactured "Villas in a Box" or other "in a Box" series as well as precast building materials globally.
Our USP's are (Unique Selling Points):

By using the 21st Equity precast technology you enjoy savings of up to 60% compared to traditional building methods. With pre-manufactured "Smart Homes" you achieve a speed of construction, which enables you to erect up to 300 housing units per day.
A 36m2 (387 sq. ft.) precast concrete house can be erected in only 8.5 hours TURNKEY for as low as $7,740.00 and the quality is excellent! A 5 Star luxury "Villa in a Box" of 3,000 sq. ft. can be erected in only 1 week!


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