Author Terry Davis' The Time Chamber Is New, Spiritual, Faith-Based Christian Novel On Forces Of Good Vs. Evil

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Virgina author Terry Davis, who writes under pen name of "The Scribbling Eagle," has written a new faith-based, spiritual Christian novel titled "The Time Chamber" ( told through an intricate tale of the competition between the forces of Good and Evil. For more information see

Virginia writer Terry Davis, aka "The Scribbling Eagle," pens new Christian faith-based book "The Time Chamber"

'The Time Chamber' is the work of a creative mind whose inspiration and gift is calling for all God-created children to be aware of the danger lurking in the dark. Good reading.

An uplifting new Christian novel, "The Time Chamber" (, written by author Terry Davis under his pen name "The Scribbling Eagle," tells the dramatic tale of how a group of foolhardy children are lured into a hellish prison where they are spiritually dead, and how heavenly forces strive against diabolical ones to rescue them and return them to paradise. See

The book is initially set in Heaven, where about 100 children fail to comprehend the meaning of essential lessons taught by Jesus and a group of wise elders. The youngsters get tricked by an agent of the Devil named Rebell into entering a spiritual prison known as "The Time Chamber" ( Because the captives can only be freed of the chamber by someone from outside it, Jesus and a group of eight people known as The Liberators enter it, seeking to use a series of unique tools to free the children and deactivate this fiendish spiritual vacuum.

One well-placed faith leader already has declared: "Terry Davis, aka 'The Scribbling Eagle,' gives many examples of spiritual symbolism in his book and shows how the fight between good and evil is a constant struggle. There are many spiritual nuances here for all of us to explore, and they are especially noteworthy for their timeliness. This book is an intriguing read and will be inspirational to anyone who reads it."

Another Christian reader who lives in Silver Spring, MD, states: "'The Time Chamber' is the work of a creative mind whose inspiration and gift is calling for all God-created children to be aware of the danger lurking in the dark. Good reading." And a Pennsylvania secondary-school English teacher calls 'The Time Chamber' "thought-provoking, insightful prose that encourages one to question and reflect upon one of the most important issues facing mankind."

Davis chose the pen name "The Scribbling Eagle" both because it is mentioned in a poem in the book that inspires him and because he believes it provides a glimpse into the spirit and the meaning of "The Time Chamber".

"I wrote 'The Time Chamber' to restore hope and to tell my readers that although life is hard, God has not abandoned us, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel," Davis explains. "The book also illustrates that we are all one family and can accomplish more as a group than we can alone."

"I sought to create a colorful story, using intricate detail and presenting historical events and personalities in a unique way. I wanted this book to be interesting, easy to digest and full of information you can use in real life," Davis continues.

"The Time Chamber" was a PublishAmerica book of the week recently.

About Author Terry Davis:
Terry Davis grew up in Pittsburgh in a close-knit, devout Baptist household. In high school he developed a love of writing, particularly on historical subjects, and won Daughters of the American Revolution essay contest. Terry Davis served in both the USA and overseas as a soldier in The United States Army. After his discharge from the service, he went on to earn college degrees in Computer Management from ICM School of Business and at Robert Morris University. Mr. Davis has worked as a specialist in his field in the computer industry. He is currently writing a sequel to "The Time Chamber".

The Time Chamber
206-page paperback: $19.95
PublishAmerica; ISBN: 1-4241-8384-7
Available for purchase at, and at the website


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