Douglas Schulz Of Colorado Announces His Candidacy For President Of The United States

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Mr. Douglas Schulz announced his candidacy for President of the United States on the Custer County courthouse steps on January 20, 2009. It is no coincidence that the announcement was on the day of the inauguration of Barrack Hussein Obama. To learn more about Mr. Schulz, his campaign and policies go to

Brokerage Fraud: What Wall Street Doesn't Want You to Know

Mr. Schulz has lived and traveled throughout the U.S. and has a real world feel for the problems plaguing America. He has been a successful businessman, author, speaker and was regularly quoted in America's top financial publications. Much of his career was either working for or against Wall Street.

His popular book, "Brokerage Fraud: What Wall Street Doesn't Want You to Know" is even more valuable than when it was first published in 2002. Fixing Wall Street and the SEC will be his top priority as our next President. He considers it a compliment and a benefit that he has never been a politician. Like many Americans, he is frustrated with the gridlock in Washington, which he refers to as Dysfunction in DC. He is fed up with politicians whose every action is dictated by garnering votes, as they sidestep the difficult issues facing America.

The country is on a perilous path with Barrack Hussein Obama as President and three of the most liberal democrats in Congress - Biden, Pelosi and Reid. Obama fooled America with his mantra "Change" when it is really just business as usual. Obama's cabinet and administration mainly consists of fellow Democratic candidates, key party members, and lifelong professional politicians, many of whom have been working in or for Washington for years. In fact, a large number of the new Cabinet has ties to the Clinton administration.

Obama is using the current economic debacle as a guise to meet at least one of his campaign promises - to "redistribute the wealth". With the deficit already at ten trillion dollars and with Obama and his liberal, socialist friends in Congress, the deficit could rise to levels that America simply cannot shoulder. While almost every corporation in the country is laying off employees and state governments and even individuals are cutting their budgets, in Washington there is only talk of more spending and no cuts.

Mr. Schulz intends to run his campaign unlike any candidate before him. He has already typed out many of his positions on the key issues and will continue this throughout the campaign. He will choose his Cabinet at least six months in advance of the general election. Mr. Schulz's campaign and presidency will embody A Return to Integrity. To learn more about Mr. Schulz, his written policies and his campaign for President of the United States, go to This inspirational and unique person's campaign will not be like any other. Nor will his presidency be "politics as usual."


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