Human Assisted Anti-spam Solution Makes Headway Against Spam War

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Email spam has been irritating and interrupting million of email users worldwide. Finally a human assisted anti-spam solution by Nodens Solutions Pte Ltd has been created to deal with this issue.It's proven system achieves 0% spam for its customers and almost 0% false positive results.

Email spam has been growing exponentially for several years to a total of several billion messages a day. Spam has frustrated, confused and annoyed millions of email users worldwide. Spam intrudes, invades and interrupts time whenever a person checks for email messages, wasting precious time in the process.

Nodens Spam Filtering System (NSFS) has in the recent years been perfecting its technology and now claims the world's first 5-stage spam filtering system with human assistance. With the human factor being the key essential factor in determining whether an email is spam.

Version 4.2 of this anti-spam service solution has achieved 0% spam and almost 0% false positive results.

An email will be scanned first time during email handshaking before proceeding to the second stage which is the stage where it checks for black listing, whitelisting, DK, DomainKeys, SPF, viruses, frauds, phishing, etc. In the Third stage, NSFS's proprietary developed regular expression, MX Server checks, SMTP Server Reputation does the remaining work.

And even though NSFS uses black listing, whitelisting, DK, DomainKeys and SPF methods. It doesn't distrust the email 100% nor trust it 100%. All of them are in forms of scores. The scores help the human factor later in deciding whether an email is to be considered as spam.

In the fourth stage, NSFS'sr staff is trained to look at 3 email-snippet per second, and checks variables like sender, recipients, subjects, headers, originated server, spam score, plus many other factors that decide whether an email is a spam or not.

The final stage is quality control where first time automated release is checked by NSFS's staff for spam.

According to Nodens founder Horn Wijaya, "The most important issues in spam filtering systems are "False Positive" and "False Negative" rates. Although a lot of software and hardware claim that they are able to clean 99.9% of it. Their results are clearly not representative. Which I believe is hugely due to the lack of a human element, which NSFS provides."

A lot of other software and hardware anti-spam solutions do not involve the human element process in the filtering process. And whenever the spammers make a change in their spam techniques, this causes loopholes in these computer filters. Hence the human element in NSFS is the only solution that provides and caters for the change in email spam techniques, hence truly helping companies become immune from spam.

With emails becoming one of the biggest forms of communication in present time. It would definitely suit corporations to implement an effective anti-spam solution so as to improve their employees' productivity.

To better allow companies to try out Nodens Spam Filtering System, free trial accounts have been made available at

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