ESP Boot Camp In Boise 1/31 = Free Seminar Teaches How to Earn $1,000 a Day as a Telephone Psychic

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ESP Industry is exploding because psychics thrive in difficult times. CNN reported an instance of the psychic category quadrupling in 2008 and continued growth is predicted for 2009. Dr. Ben Mack is a student of Dr. Joe Vitale, as seen featured in The Secret.

ESP Boot Camp, a free 1.5 day seminar, begins Saturday, January 31 at 10 AM through February 1 at 1pm. Produced by Dr. Ben Mack, ESP Boot Camp is a pilot program created with the purpose of teaching folks with intuitive knacks how to make a $1,000.00 in a day in two different ways: 1) as a telephone psychic and 2) in-home Psychic Parties. ( February will determine if ESP Boot Camp has been successful. Campers will be coached for 1 month in an attempt to create $1,000.00 a day executive psychics. If we have 6 campers who have made $1,000+ in 1 day in February than ESP Boot Camp will be called a success.

Why is ESP Boot Camp free? Because we are video taping this seminar with the hopes of turning this into a home-study-course. If all goes well you'll see ESP Boot Camp infomercials this fall. Boise attendees get the seminar for free and free access to an Executive Psychic community following the seminar in order to get impressive testimonials.

If you have ever known somebody was about to call, knew what somebody was about to say or felt inexplicably connected to somebody else you have ESP at least to some extent. If you are like most intuitives the difficulty for you is making money with your intuitive edge. ESP Boot Camp teaches attendees two tried and true ways of being hired as an executive psychic. Many veteran psychics are flying-in to Boise in order to learn new marketing techniques for their business.

ESP Boot Camp is perfect for the absolute beginner intuitive who has never given a reading before. We will take you by the hand and show you how to begin a reading and how to give a reading that satisfies your client.

ESP training is already beginning with free training online. Pre-seminar training includes LIVE training with TV celebrity Psychic Mark Edward as seen on A & E, The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel & Showtime. Celebrity Psychic Mark Edward explains the truth about being a telephone psychic, how you hear the strangest things as a telephone psychic and having key emergency numbers is part of being a professional. ESP Boot Camp takes you beyond professional skills and prepares you to command an executive salary for your intuitive talents.

List of attendees might appear as a set-up for a joke: an old Catholic Priest for Tampa, Florida, a Chaos Magickan from Eureka, California and a Vegas stripper who's husband wants her to make the same money keeping her clothes on. This is no joke. Many attendees are single moms looking to make an extra couple hundred dollars a day from their couch as telephone psychics. Net work Marketing guru Jerry Clark is training us on profitable personality typing and the languages they prefer for buying. Also training is Boise's famed persuasion and NLP expert Dave Lakhani.

ABOUT Dr. Ben Mack
Dr. Ben Mack is a psychic and a psychic business coach. Personally trained as an intuitive by Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Mack is an award winning advertising executive and master of perception--a former Senior Vice President, Director of Brand Strategy for BBDO and WestWayne; Neural Linguistic Programming Practitioner; Magic Castle award winning magician; interviewer of Buckminster Fuller for the St. Martin's Press book Fuller's Earth; former memeticist for WONGDOODY Advertising.

About ESP Boot Camp
ESP Boot Camp is a pilot seminar and free. Registration opens at 9 AM Saturday, January 31, 2009 at the Riverside Boise Doubletree Hotel. Seating is limited to a maximum of 60 and 25 seats are already reserved by out of town seminar attendees. The expected tuition will be $1,997.00 and the Boise seminar is completely free in order to confirm proof of teaching concept. Detailed updates are included at the blog


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