Tione Spring Lands Overseas with Therapeutic Water - Starting in January Aqua Therapy will be in the US and Brazil

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An agreement has been made between the management of TIONE srl - manufacturer of the new therapeutic mineral water product line - Nutritional Products International and Brasilinvest & Partners SA. Starting from next year (2009) "Aqua Therapy" will be available also in the US and in Brazil.

Aqua Therapy conquers US and Brazil. After the recent product launch in Italy, Sorgente TIONE (Tione spring) will sell the new therapeutic water product line also overseas. Aqua Therapy is a line of mineral water with beneficial elements, completely natural, released from the special measurement cap: a simple movement will provide and guarantee the freshness of the phyto-therapeutic elements, without the use of preservatives.

In the last few years we have been witnessing an increasing consumption of functional products, such as water, a relatively new and growing market. Today's consumer pays a lot of attention to wellness and health: Americans are definitely pioneers in everything concerning this "health care" evolution, from a different life style to a change in the products consumption.

Therefore such a product couldn't help but catch the interest of the overseas markets, especially the US and the Brazilian market.

Mitch Gould Vice President of Nutritional Products International says "we are excited to offer this unique and exceptional brand to the US consumers." Mitch has recently launched KO Fitness Recovery Drink with Martial Arts legend Bob Wall of WorldBlackBelt.com.

(NPI http://www.nutricompany.com) a worldwide leader in marketing with a long time experience in retail and distribution in over 130 countries all over the world, has recently signed an Agreement with TIONE srl for the marketing and sales of the new line of Aqua Therapy products on the US market.

Aqua Therapy will be sold starting from January to major online retailers, and eventually on all the shelves of the big American retail stores, pharmacies, health food stores, vending machines, etc. Tione srl has also signed another important Agreement with Brasilinvest & Partners SA for the distribution of the new products line in the Brazilian market.

Aqua Therapy
The line of these therapeutic waters, enriched with completely natural elements, includes Aqua Therapy with Tione Stop Cholesterol, with Turmeric and Nettle, for the regulation of cholesterol levels: recommended for all ages to control the absorption of cholesterol, and its levels in the blood; Aqua Therapy with Tione Lipo Stop, with Birch and Green Tea, to limit fat absorption, which, if taken regularly and consumed within a balanced and healthy diet, can maximize its effect on our organism. The new line includes also Aqua Therapy with Tione Defence Immune, with Coneflower (Echinacea) and Astragalus, to help strengthen the immune system: the Coneflower, used also in ancient time, contains active ingredients with immunological characteristics which help our immune system functions, stimulating our organism natural defenses to create a barrier against external factors: Aqua Therapy with Tione Protection, with Karkade' and Sage, for sun exposure: the richness of antioxidants is useful to fight against free radicals which cause cells damage, especially with the daily sun exposure, stress and pollution; Aqua Therapy with Tione Drain, with Red Vines and Cranberries, to fight the beauty flaws caused by cellulite: if used within a balanced and healthy diet it can be useful to help eliminate excess liquids often responsible of the most common skin flaws, such as cellulite. Red Vines and Cranberries are the best choice when it comes to draining liquids and in case of tired feet, legs or ankles. Last one is Aqua Therapy with Tione Keratin Activator, with Oat and Serenoa (saw palmetto), to help hair trophism: enriched with phytoelements, it stimulates a higher production of keratin in our organism, helping growing healthier and stronger nails and hair.

Aqua Therapy is available in 500ml bottles, in the new packages with the special cap containing 750mg of medical plant extracts. They will be sold in pharmacies, health stores, herbalist's shops, specialty stores, gyms, on line, etc.

For further information please contact:

Brian Gould
Nutritional Products International


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