AAfter.com - First Web Search Engine Explicitly Going Green fighting Global Warming

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Web search engine AAfter.com partnered with CO2Stats.com to explicitly balance its carbon foot print.

AAfter is now green certified by CO2Stats.com. Alex Wissner-Gross, the 2008 Environmental Fellow at Harvard University and the Co-Founder and CTO at Enernetics, Inc. has this to say about AAfter.

"AAfter.com's impressive network energy efficiency demonstrates its commitment to providing the greenest possible web experience for its visitors and we are proud to be working with them every month to ensure carbon neutrality."    

A study by the Consumer Electronics Association made last year had estimated that about 3.9 million telecommuters in the U.S. helped in saving gasoline to the tune of 840 million gallons. However, Alex Wissner-Gross claims that the Internet's total carbon footprint is now larger than the entire aviation industry.

This has motivated AAfter to join the fight against the global warming, and to take it beyond the automobile or aviation pollutions. AAfter not only provides its users highly relevant results, people search, quick zipcode to weather & allergy info, tinyurl for twitters, privacy, and cashback but also the satisfaction of using a web search engine that is balancing its carbon foot print, and promoting its importance on every page of its site.

How does the eco-green site helps? As websites are provided with servers and are connected via networks, as clients view the sites, a large amount of electricity is required to run the servers, networks and clients. The generation of this energy requires burning of fossil fuels like coal, gas and oil. This leads to the release of carbon dioxide in the air that adds to climate change.

By going green, http://AAfter.com helps in reducing this environmental menace through its operation with CO2Stats. There is regular metering of the total electricity consumed by the different client computers that visit the site along with the servers that provide it and the different networks connected with them. CO2Stats software works to make the site better energy efficient and at the same time load faster. It then buys renewable energy to neutralize the emissions of carbon as the electricity is generated. This is done through a combination of different signals like local fuel mixes of the computers that visits AAfter. The software then finds end-to-end footprint on the site. This month for AAfter, the client footprint was 10.3043 Kg of CO2, the network footprint was 1.8545 Kg of CO2 whereas the Server footprint was 0.3456 Kg of CO2.

The best part of CO2Stats software is that it regularly provides the site with audited wind and solar energy every month and at the same time gets link traffic from different websites in their network. The visitors to AAfter spend more time in the process.

So the next time you log in to AAfter.com, you can be certain to be working with a site that lowers your power bill to run your computer, a site that is working round the clock to save energy and a site dedicated to keep up its green reputation, and fight against global warming.

About AAfter Corporation:
AAfter is the first web search engine to provide a search tool bar with no tracking, unparalleled privacy, cash back for shoppers, and to provide tinyurl-like service [used with Twitter] with double reliability.

To learn more, visit http://www.aafter.com or http://www.aafter.com/index_aafter_toolbar.htm.

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AAfter Corporation
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