i-CAT Advanced 3-D Dental Imaging System

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Dr. Irfan (Ivan) Atcha is now using the Imaging Sciences i-CAT advanced 3-d dental imaging system to enhance patient care with the most accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

The Center for Implants, Sedation, and Cosmetic Dentistry in Dyer, IN is now offering the Imaging Sciences i-CAT 3-D imaging technology to patients. The i-CAT gives Dr. Atcha the most complete information on the anatomy of a patient's mouth, face, and jaw areas, which leads to the most accurate treatment and predictable outcomes for patients' surgical procedures.

Now, patients who visit the center will benefit from the most advanced 3-D dental imaging technology. Dr. Atcha is now using the Imaging Sciences i-CAT as part of his full scope of diagnosis and treatment planning of dental implants that the practice specializes in and that the i-CAT will be used for. "This driving the profession for better diagnostic imaging of technology in dentistry," especially in the area of Implant Dentistry mentions Dr. Atcha.

This technology has taken us to another stardard of excellence. We wish we had incorporated it in our office a long time ago. But hindsight is 20/20. It's like you wouldn't want the surgeon to operate on your knee from a 2 dimensional x-ray, you'd want a CT 3 dimensional scan. Then what makes your mouth any different? I can proudly say that we are the first office in Northwest Indiana that has incorporated this technology for our patient's care. For dentists using two-dimensional panoramic radiographs, are really putting them selves at risk by not being able to see those cross-sections produced by digital 3-D scans. This diagnostic tool offers a safe guard against dental malpractice suits.

The easy-to-use i-CAT is the leader in Cone Beam 3-D images by producing more thorough three-dimensional views of all oral and maxillofacial structures. Patients remain seated in an "open environment scan", which increases patient comfort and captures the natural orientation of anatomy. The data is transferred to a computer, typically within minutes, and displayed on an intuitive 3-D mapping tool that allows doctors and technicians to easily format and select desired "slices" for immediate viewing. The i-CAT creates 3-D images at reduced cost and with considerably less radiation than traditional (medical grade CT scans) Fan Beam Computed Tomography systems.

"It's extremely gratifying to know that Dr. Atcha is using our 3-D digital technology to benefit both their patients and their practice," says Ed Marandola, President and CEO of Imaging Sciences. "The i-CAT provides their practice with more accurate anatomical information than they would possibly capture with x-ray films or traditional scans, without having to inconvience patients by sending them out to a hospital for CT scans. Now, Dr. Atcha can increase his patients' comfort by sharing their 3-D digital images to explain diagnoses, treatements, and expected outcomes, in one convenient visit. No other in-office x-ray imaging system comes close to the i-CAT."

For more information contact Dr. Atcha at The Center for Implants, Sedation, and Cosmetic Dentistry at 1-888-416-4109 or 1-219-227-5084 or email teethforyou(at)gmail.com, or check them out at http://www.NoDenturesChicago.com.


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