How to Take Your Organization From Culturally Clueless to Diversity Dynamo Revealed in New Training Course

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Carmen Van Kerckhove, president of New Demographic, announces Diversity Career Success, a targeted training course for workplace diversity professionals beginning February 5th, 2009.

Even with a smart new African-American president at the helm of the nation, Carmen Van Kerckhove, president of diversity education firm New Demographic, considers race bias - in any of its insidious forms - an ever-present troublemaker.

"Across time, there have always been stand-out people of color who succeeded despite discrimination, both latent and in-your face. So even as I applaud President Obama's ascendancy, I also hold in my hand pages of recent statistics showing that people of color still trail whites by miles, dollars, and decades, in matters of education, income and opportunity. Until all that changes, workplace diversity should remain a primary concern, something to tackle head-on."

Beginning February 5th, 2009 Van Kerckhove is offering an affordable, transformative professional development course titled Diversity Career Success: How to Take Your Organization From Culturally Clueless to Diversity Dynamo (And Skyrocket Your Own Career While You're At It):

The course is designed exclusively for professionals who are involved in any way with their organization's diversity efforts - whether they're the Chief Diversity Officer or simply a volunteer in the organization's diversity employee networking group.

Van Kerckhove explains, "The fact is, while diversity training for employees abounds, there's very little out there for diversity professionals. They're largely left to go it alone. Their boss may give lip service to their cause, but half the time they're dancing somewhere between feeling completely unsupported and filling a role that's little more than a legal checkbox."

Diversity professionals who are tired of the same old CYA tactics will learn how to get their ideas taken seriously by senior management and discover sensible, actionable solutions from Van Kerckhove, who has appeared on CNN and MSNBC and in Newsweek, USA Today, and the New York Times.

During the course, Van Kerckhove will provide participants with a blueprint they can customize based on their organization type, their organization's needs, and their own role within the organization. Van Kerckhove reiterates, "Our job as diversity leaders isn't about becoming our company's Political Correctness Police. It's about taking what we know and believe about peoples' potential to the next level and continuing the dialogue that our new President started last year when he gave that amazing speech on race."

"People are awake now. Many are experiencing a paradigm shift because of President Obama's recent success. People seem to have opened their hearts a little more. My goal is to seize this opportunity and show workplace diversity professionals how to capitalize on the new vision. It holds great promise."

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Carmen Van Kerckhove, president of the diversity education firm New Demographic, specializes in working with corporations to facilitate relaxed, authentic, and productive conversations about race. She has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, and has visited as a guest lecturer at Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, and many other colleges and universities across the country.


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