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Never say menopause. Six-word stories. Nothing is real here. Hence, women's fiction.

I delight in the six-word blog story. I thrive on short stories that pump my muse. Muse must be appeased before anything. Simple compromise for a writer.

Sure, Women's Fiction Blog hits the contemporary women's fiction novels. Nonfiction as well. But books are the lesser priority to friendship, wild pets and the muse.

"Many blog posts are well-perceived satirical editorials for reform. Designed to recondition women on fiction we are told about simple things in life," said Essa Adams, publisher of ESSA Books and Women's Fiction Blog.

"New perceptions on body image. What is the simple life. How to become like ducks and let life roll off our backs. The blog has a tongue-in-cheek rant-and-reflect slant that takes on women's issues. It's my perception, but it's a perception, just the same."

Adams is a professional writer. The author of A BREATH FLOATS BY knows how to nail it. "I delight in the six-word blog story. I thrive on short stories that pump my muse. Muse must be appeased before anything. Simple compromise for a writer."

Some short stories steaming with humor:

'Gracie: The Freezing Fake Lady Bug' expounds on relationships and marriage, especially respect for hubby's airlock behind his plastic window film. It's that or the fake ladybug. Who dares to go there but an author with an exacto knife and clear duct tape. But will Gracie die first?

'Hate my progressive eyeglasses' reflects a moment when mad is mad and disillusionment must be dealt with through constructive energy. Six word story. "Only THREE words - are you kidding?"

'Did you hear the one about the plush girl?' whips around a parable by Paulo Coehle about successful fruit marketing into a parable of young women wilting from distorted body image for the same reason the fruit stand suffered.

'Mama sure is taking her own sweet time this morning...' has adamant pet attitude women deal with everyday, through pets - skunks in this case - or parenting, even in empty-nesting syndrome. Who knows what women do when in this syndrome. Skunks anyone?

See the cousin blog for crazy pet stories at Pet Skunk Medicine. http://www.skunkiedelight.wordpress.com

See the sister blog for super short stories at Essa's Six-Word Short Story Blog. http://www.sixwordstory.wordpress.com

What we are saying, women who love pets will appreciate all three blogs.

Women who have been through the ropes in life - and know to never say menopause - will enjoy all three blogs.

Women's Fiction Blog is written by a woman well over peri-menopause (who never says menopause) thus deemed in the new phase of reinventing herself.

"It's share or bust," Adams said. "I have to write."

Stop by. Have a latte and read awhile.

Women's Fiction Blog is published by Essa Adams, publisher of ESSA Books. Author of A Breath Floats By under penname Thayne Hudson... a novel of rockin' good contemporary women's fiction about friendship with mature women characters. Perfect read for empty-nesting. ESSA Books (Essence and Soul Spiritual Awakening Books) http://www.essabooks.com/2101/index.html Purchase from Amazon.com and Amazon Kindle.

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