Superfruits GT: Nature's Newest Antioxidant Giant

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The new "Superfruits GT" was formulated by Dr. Chris Cormier and Mr. Jim Shriner. Superfruits GT is a never before seen combination of the world's most powerful antioxidant fruits in one liquid blend.

The need for a reliable antioxidant supplement is necessary more now than ever

Superfruits GT is a revolutionary combination of the world's most powerful fruits including Açai, Mangosteen, Wolfberry (Goji), Pomegranate, and Blueberry. Superfruits GT also includes white grapes, peaches and pears which are excellent sources of Vitamin A, B, C and E. The formulators of Superfruits GT, Dr. Chris Cormier, D.C. (Liquid Nutritional Expert) and Mr. Jim Shriner (America's Leading Health and Fitness Expert), also decided to add Green Tea and Resveratrol for their beneficial properties to make Superfruits GT the ultimate antioxidant formula.

Dr. Chris Comier, D.C. and Jim Shriner researched this formula for two years before it came to fruition. Both professionals are known for their passion to help people through whole food supplementation therapies. Dr. Chris Cormier, D.C. has owned his practice in Lafayette, Louisiana for over a decade. Jim Shriner has been an advocate for whole food supplementation for over 30 years. He was a contender on the American Gladiators, a published author, and a well-known public speaker. They both heavily researched all possible wholefood ingredients to reveal that the most powerful sources of antioxidants were unavailable in one simple formula. The result of their efforts: Superfruits GT.

The Superfruits GT formula was sent to Brunswick Laboratories for a routine test called the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) score. The results were anything but routine. The ORAC score of Superfruits GT came back to show an astounding value of 59,199 per bottle. This score exceeded even the expectations of the formulators. The ORAC score of Superfruits GT proved the formulator's theory that combining Acai, Mangosteen, Wolfberry (Goji), Pomegranate, Blueberry, White Grape, Peach, Pear, Green Tea and Resveratrol would create an antioxidant giant. Superfruits GT's manufacturer also uses a proprietary infusion process, called ORAmaXX, which releases the maximum amount of antioxidant value each fruits has to offer.

Superfruits GT was also formulated to meet the increasing need for antioxidants in a daily diet. Recent articles have been published acknowledging that the American diet has declined in nutritional value and the need for adequate antioxidant sources is necessary to mitigate poor health. Dr. Chris Cormier, D.C., and Jim Shriner have both witnessed these effects first hand with the increases in environmental pollution, toxins, and stress that everyone is exposed to on a daily basis. "The need for a reliable antioxidant supplement is necessary more now than ever", stated Jim Shriner.

The official launch of this product could not have had better timing. January 25, 2009 was the first private unveiling of Superfruits GT. On Sunday, January 26, 2009, a 60 Minutes special highlighting the research being conducted on Resveratrol aired on national television. The preliminary research showed that adding Resveratrol to your daily diet could slow down the physical signs of aging. The 60 Minutes special referred to Resveratrol as the long lost "Fountain of Youth." Superfruits GT contains a natural source of Resveratrol in a non-alcoholic form making it accessible for almost everyone to take. Superfruits GT is available starting Feb 3rd, 2009 for the public to try on To learn more about Superfruits GT call 1-800-732-1150 between 6:30 am (Pacific) and 5:30 pm (Pacific).

To arrange an interview or appearance, please contact:
Dr. Chris Cormier 337-322-5488 Co-Formulator of Superfruits GT / Chiropractic Physician and Liquid Nutritional Expert
Mr. Jim Shriner 859-324-6889 Co-Formulator of Superfruits GT / America's Leading Health and Fitness Expert


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