SnowMover® to the Rescue

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Winter can be lovely, except when you find it all over your car. Now, the new SnowMover® personal snow plow makes it much easier to do the right thing.

You've seen them on the road. Drivers peering through a peephole cut in the snow and ice, shedding wintry debris in their wake. These reckless drivers are a danger to themselves as well as a risk to the lives of the motorists and pedestrians who have to swerve to avoid them.

"It's cold, the kids are complaining or you're running late for an appointment. There's no end to excuses for wanting to avoid the loathsome task of clearing snow from your vehicle", says Marvin Weinberger, Inventor-in-Chief of the Innovation Factory.

And yet, driving in a vehicle covered with snow is not only dangerous, it's against the law. Even in the states where there aren't explicit statutes, police may ticket drivers for violations such as 'the impeded operation of a motor vehicle', 'reckless endangerment' or even a charge of 'transporting an unsecured load' (of snow). Fines can run to the hundreds of dollars.

"So why do they risk it? Because, snow is heavy and can be hard to get at", says Weinberger.

"A six inch snowfall, covering for example a Honda Civic, weighs in at between 260 pounds (for average snow) all the way up to a thousand pounds (for the kind of sticky snow that makes for good snowballs) To tackle this kind of hard work, you need more than a flimsy brush (or your coat sleeve). What's worst is trying to get the snow off of the roof (before it slumps onto the windshield when you put on the brakes, assuming it hasn't already bombarded the car behind you)", Weinberger concludes.

Finally, there's a better way to clear the snow. The SnowMover®, from the Innovation Factory, is a unique, personal snow plow - scientifically designed for removing deep snow from on and around your vehicle. This professional grade multi-tool combines a bi-directional plow and heavy-duty snow broom along with an ice scraper and even an emergency shovel.

The SnowMover® is ergonomically designed and includes a contoured saw-grip handle and 42 inch reach. This makes for easy maneuvering when clearing snow from the roof of the vehicle. The SnowMover® even has 'whiskers' - dense rubber bristles, located under the forward lip of the plow - which help protect the paint and surface finish of your vehicle when clearing snow. These flexible bristles also allow the SnowMover® to ride over any irregular surfaces (such as a roof rack) in order to prevent a jarring stop when plowing through deep snow.

The SnowMover® is the new companion to the Innovation Factory's highly regarded IceDozer®. With its patented FlexiBlade™ (which automatically adjusts to the curvature of any windshield), ergonomic grip and triple attack surfaces, the scientifically designed IceDozer® makes quick work of even the toughest windshield ice.

Also available is the top-of-the-line IceDozer® Plus, which incorporates a detachable multi-tool called the PocketDozer™. Features include a brush with plush bristles as well as a scraping blade (for tackling hard-to-clear areas such as the side mirrors and headlamps). The PocketDozer™ also incorporates the IceNotch™ for clearing ice chunks from off of the windshield wipers.

All Innovation Factory products are made in the U.S.A. and built to last. These premium tools are so durable that they come with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee - unmatched in the industry.

Isn't it time you took some of the 'excitement' out of winter driving?

The SnowMover® and IceDozer® can be purchased online from the Innovation Factory website, at Canadian orders are always welcome. Shipping is free - on orders from within the continental U.S. - when purchasing two or more of these products.

Orders can also be placed directly through; Amazon is the only reseller of the full line of Innovation Factory products.
The Innovation Factory is located at 630 Penfield Ave., Havertown, Pennsylvania 19083. For more information, including free product samples (for the working press), contact Marvin Weinberger at marvin(at), or 610-789-1137. For accompanying images & graphics, go to and search 'innovation-factory'.


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