Celrase Cellulite Eraser Outdoes Pricey Body Wraps

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Consumers have forever been seeking a realistic way to combat the formation of cellulite in problem areas on their bodies. Recent trends in day spas have been claiming that pricey body wraps--most notably those that contain green coffee--help to eliminate the appearances of cellulite and get rid of the fat that causes it. When in reality they only drain ample amounts of excess water from the targeted areas, which offers temporary relief, but that only lasts a matter of days before the body returns to its normal weight. For those who are seeking a more formable solution to their cellulite, their money is better spent on a clinically proven cellulite cream like Celrase, which targets the fat and breaks it down by using patented and proprietary ingredients, and which works to prevent the formation of new cellulite while revitalizing the skin.

While lavish, pampering and relaxing, costly spa body wraps that claim to reduce cellulite in problem areas of the body do nothing more than actually reduce the amounts of water stored in those areas, while helping to revitalize the skin. Many consumers will spend hundreds of dollars for a single body wrap treatment--the most popular of which is currently green coffee body wrap treatments--which promise to decrease cellulite and burn up excess fat.

The problem, according to doctors and skin care professionals, is that coffee-based and other spa body wraps do nothing more than extract excess water from the body. This shows a noticeable reduction in the waist line and the fat in the affected areas, but the weight comes right back on after a few days post-treatment.

While many celebrities and the wealthy often laud such lofty and expensive coffee-based spa treatments for their immediate benefits, the official verdict is in: they will help you fit into that tight pair of jeans or skirt for the social mixer, but expect to be as wide as you were prior to the treatment within a few short days following it.

In reality, if a consumer were to try and remove cellulite from their body using such pricey methods as a spa body wrap, they would ultimately have to get such a treatment several times per week. Additionally, the treatment would do nothing to eliminate the fat, and once they discontinued weekly sessions they would see their body return to the normal weight. Which is why while amazingly soothing, and beneficial to the skin, as well as rich in numerous anti-aging compounds, spa body wraps do nothing to eliminate abnormal fatty deposits (cellulite).

"Most consumers won't fret about the many relaxing and skin rejuvenating properties that a body wrap treatment at a day spa has to offer," states Alexis Freedman, spokesperson for Meadow Creek--a leading cosmeceutical company. "But when it comes to the elimination of cellulite on their bodies, in those hard to target problem areas, a body wrap does nothing to eliminate the fat."

Celrase cellulite cream offers a more affordable and plausible solution for those seeking to get rid of cellulite once and for all. The proprietary blend of clinically proven ingredients targets cellulite by using two important and patented compounds: Adiposlim, which reduces the production of fat cells by causing a greater lipolysis and burning free fatty acids; and Adipoless--which helps to reduce fat and prevent the creation of cellulite.

The makers of Celrase cellulite cream--Meadow Creek--advises that in order to benefit the most from using their product that the consumer apply and massage smaller amounts of Celrase into the targeted cellulite-prone areas of their body one or two times per day. Noticeable results are typically seen within one to seven weeks of continuous daily usage.

To find out more on how Celrase cellulite cream can help to eliminate cellulite on your body as well as revitalize the skin near the affected areas, please visit them online at: http://www.celrase.com.

About Celrase:

  • Developed by Meadow Creek--a leading cosmeceutical company
  • Incorporates a proprietary blend of two patented and scientifically proven ingredients: Adiposlim, which reduces the production of fat cells by causing a greater lipolysis, burning free fatty acids; and Adipoless, which helps to reduce fat and prevent the creation of cellulite
  • Rich in Squalane, a highly refined moisturizing oil derived from the olive; Squalane is very silky and easily absorbed, and has been found to be extremely compatible with the natural oils of the skin
  • Contains Chenopodium Quinoa Seed extract to help the skin return to a soft and supple nature
  • A noticeable reduction of cellulite and fatty areas can be visibly seen within 1-7 weeks of daily usage
  • More cost-effective than spa-based body wrap treatments, which only provide temporary results in the loss of cellulite because they increase water loss in the affected areas
  • Easily applied as a topical, fat-burning cellulite cream
  • Currently available at their secured online store with a generous discount off the retail price when ordered online at: http://www.celrase.com.


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