American Drama Series Links Individual Conquest of Seven Deadly Sins to Obama's Call for National Rebirth

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Jack Eadon's American Drama Series reflects ways Americans can bring about President Obama's call for hope and rebirth. In seven books, Eadon portrays how individual conquest of the Seven Deadly Sins can transform and revitalize the United States.

America is a nation based on freedom and the pursuit of happiness, but everyone has weaknesses to overcome. Author Jack Eadon demonstrates how the conquest of the Seven Deadly Sins can lead to America's rebirth in his new American Drama Series (Eloquence Press, 2009).

President Barack Obama has called Americans to keep hope alive as they work together to bring about the rebirth of America. Americans must return to the grassroots values of their forefathers rather than continue in detrimental self-indulgent lives. Jack Eadon's American Drama Series demonstrates in a modern context how people can conquer the Seven Deadly Sins that control their daily lives. By analyzing the sins of greed, sloth, gluttony, pride, wrath, lust and envy, Eadon presents a portrait of what America and its individual citizens must overcome to be once more an example to the world.

The American Drama Series contains seven novels, each focusing on a particular deadly sin passionately experienced by characters who struggle against it. The series consists of seven novels, one per deadly sin: "A Consequence of Greed" (Greed), "Latent Image" (Sadness/Sloth), "The Armstrong Solution" (Gluttony), "The Charm from Delhi" (Pride), "Gigolo on the Row" (Wrath), "Lacey's Day" (Lust), and "HEAD TRIP" (Envy).

Each novel in this dramatic collection may be read individually, but together they perfectly reflect how the Seven Deadly Sins continue to thwart people in modern times. In the first novel, "A Consequence of Greed," Marcus Ramsay, possessed by the spirit of the murdered James Post, takes revenge on Post's murderers, each of who acted from greed. The last installment in the series, "HEAD TRIP" is about twin boys, one of whom envies and tries to one-up his brother. The most revolutionary of the series, "HEAD TRIP" will be published online this fall in bi-weekly webisodes. Eadon will invite reader feedback for the novel's direction and the fate of his characters.

With each novel's release, reader excitement and anticipation has increased. Bookwire said of "The Armstrong Solution": "This novel is bound to excite anyone who enjoys suspense, and it is a special treat for those who want to understand how competition in corporate culture can lead to corruption." Richard Blake of Reader Views described "Latent Image" as "A fast moving plot with unexpected twists and turns, Eadon takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of romance, drama, and suspense, with a stunning climactic surprise finish." Eadon says of his own work: "Similar to President Obama's recent message, the American Drama Series really captures what the individual can do to bring about the rebirth of America."

About the Author
Jack Eadon's rich and diverse life inspired his American Drama Series: his sixties memoir focusing on his rock band in Chicago; a novel of mystical revenge set in a corporation in Texas; the story of getting over loss in his life at a new advertising photography studio in southern California; studying his wife deal with a male-dominated corporation, also in California; a novel about how karma affects a young couple, set in Wisconsin; a novel about a copywriter's email relationship with an abused Asian woman, and a neighborhood mystery surrounding a mysterious hit-and-run death in a burgeoning community in Kansas. Like President Obama, Eadon hopes his work will open people's eyes and inspire them to bring about the rebirth of America.

The American Drama Series (Eloquence Press, 2009) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request.


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