Biggest Loser Back in 2009 on an Even Bigger Scale

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The Biggest Loser returns for Season 4 with contestants now competing as couples - doubling the weight loss, the tears and the drama.

The Biggest Loser, Network Ten's consistent ratings winner, returns on Sunday the 1st of February with its fourth season, a new format, a fresh exotic location - Fitzroy Island - and as always, a few surprises along the way.

Last year, The Biggest Loser continued to prove that it was a ratings power house, averaging at 1.1 million viewers over the entire season and peaking at an astounding 2.35 million viewers in the season finale!

The Biggest Loser 09 - now in its fourth season - will see 10 couples fighting it out for the coveted title of Australia's Biggest Loser.

The Biggest Loser - now with Couples
The Biggest Loser 2009 will see 20 contestants - more than ever before - compete and be eliminated as couples. This will include a husband and wife - Amanda and Stewart, newlyweds - Ramses and Tania, a father and daughter - Cameron and Samantha, brothers - Andrew and Nathan, sisters - Holly and Melanie, team mates - Sean and Ben , workmates - Sharif and Teresa and in-laws - Bob and Tiffany. Will the fact that they have a partner to go through the competition with mean love, support and encouragement or will it all end in tears, accusations and recriminations?

The Biggest Loser goes tropical
The Biggest Loser 2009 takes its exciting new Couples format to an exotic new location - Fitzroy Island! The 20 contestants will be in for a big surprise when they find they're heading for a tropical island. Unfortunately, they won't get to enjoy Pina Coladas by the pool - more like stomach crunches down in the sand.

The Biggest Loser website beefs up
The Biggest Loser website has always generated massive interest amongst Loser fans keen to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This year there are even more reasons to head to the site with Ten adding a host of features to help your Do It Yourself makeover including healthy and delicious recipes.
Also available on the site will be Healthy Living articles that will help to educate and explain key concepts that you will need to understand in your weight loss journey. This section will endure to teach you how to create a better self image of yourself, how to stick to a new health regime, how to energise and invigorate your life, how to set healthy weight and personal goals and reach them, how to get your life in balance, how to lose that extra weight and keep it off and much, much more all in the healthy living articles section.

Biggest Loser Before & After Competition - win $5,000!
Want to lose weight and win $5,000 for your efforts? From February 9, The new Biggest Loser website will have a new feature called Before and After. This lets you add your personal weight loss journey - complete with Before and After photos. Just let us know how much you lost, how you did it, and you go into the draw for the $5,000 prize. You have the same chance of winning whether you've lost 5 kg or 100 kg.

Biggest Loser takes a walk
For 2009, the Loser site has a fabulous new feature called My Walks. This mapping function lets you find great walks, runs or cycling tracks wherever you live in Australia. Have a great walk you'd like to share? The new Biggest Loser site also lets you add your own. It's simple.

The Biggest Loser invites you to Ask the Expert
From February 9, a new feature called Ask the Expert lets fans draw on the advice of the Biggest Loser team If you have a question about anything relating to exercise, nutrition, health and motivation, simply submit it on the site and have it answered by The Commando, Claire Collins, our Medical Adviser or Craig Harper, our Life Coach.

Biggest Loser cooks up a storm
Biggest Loser has always offered nutritional advice but in 2009 we've gone a step further. Every day, there are fresh healthy recipes to help fans of The Biggest Loser to be inspired and get creative in the kitchen.

The Biggest Loser 2009 won't leave anyone behind
If you happen to miss an episode of The Biggest Loser Season 4 - or want to see it again - no problem! You can watch the complete episode at Catch Up TV on the Biggest Loser website.

The Biggest Loser 2009 charts Ajay's Journey
Host of The Biggest Loser, Ajay Rochester, understands the challenges that the contestants of the show face because she too has struggled to maintain her ideal weight… but no longer. In 2009, Ajay will share in the contestants' pain - and gain - by undertaking her own weight loss program throughout the season. And for every kilogram that she loses, Network Ten and Fremantlemedia will donate a $1,000 to Diabetes Australia. Follow Ajay's Journey to see how she's progressing - and feel free to make your own donation to the worthy charity, Diabetes Australia.

The Biggest Loser Forums
Network Ten knows that The Biggest Loser viewers really love to share their support and opinions. The Biggest Loser website will play host to an online community with forums so everyone at home can share their opinion with the world online.

The Biggest Loser Stats
Weight loss stats are such an integral part of The Biggest Loser and fans of the show can't afford to miss them from week to week. The Loser website showcases a comprehensive list of weight loss stats. Check out the contestant progress reports, complete with online graphs and other statistical information.

The Biggest Loser Contestants
With twenty contestants this year - more than ever before - viewers can spend more time on the website getting to know who's who and staying up to date with their progress. Go online and read all the contestant stats and extensive interviews about how they came to be on the show and their individual weight loss goals. Also available will be fan messaging, in which you can message your favourite contestant - or contestants - and let them know how you what your thinking, or give them a few encouraging words to help them on their way.

The Biggest Loser Experts:

Ajay Rochester
When The Biggest Loser's producers were searching for the ideal Australian identity to represent physical transformation, the choice was obvious. A celebrated comic, presenter, writer and role model, Ajay Rochester is the perfect all-rounder. As the lauded author of Confessions of a Reformed Dieter, Blubberguts and The Lazy Girl's Guide to Losing Weight, the mother of one has been a major contributor to the current revolution in healthy eating and exercise.

Shannan Ponton
Trainer Shannan is going to push the contestants to their limits! He is an iconic Aussie guy who loves the beach and the bush, but don't expect a leisurely vacation when Shannan takes you to the great outdoors; this fitness fanatic sees the Aussie terrain as one big gym.

Michelle Bridges
Michelle is ready to transform this season's contestants -- whatever it takes! With a 'take no prisoners' attitude and well-honed techniques, Michelle Bridges is more than ready to bring her renowned discipline and dedication to The Biggest Loser house.

The Commando
The Commando is back once again, and not afraid to work the new contestants to their breaking points! With over 10 years' experience as a Counter Terrorism Team Commander, he knows what it takes to get our contestants burning the weight off!

Dr. Clare Collins
Nutritionist extraordinaire Dr. Clare Collins will provide the medical expertise the contestants need to reach their goals! Clare is currently a Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Newcastle

About The Biggest Loser
The Biggest Loser challenges and encourages overweight contestants every step of the way as they compete for possibly the biggest prize in Biggest Loser history through comprehensive diet and exercise. This un-scripted and life-altering reality series gathers contestants from across the country to face real-life temptations while being provided with approved weight-loss skills and resources in an effort to help them transform their bodies, health and ultimately their lives.


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