Roland Rogers Announces His Candidacy for Mayor of New York City

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It has been an issue bypassed by current and past administrations. But in difficult economic times, small businesses are the life's blood of a city and are inextricably linked to New York City's success. The Committee to elect Roland Rogers Mayor of NYC will create innovative ways in order to insure that communities remain vibrant and economically viable for neighborhoods and proprietors, and will see to it that those areas, which have remained depressed for decades, have a chance for new life.

As a former political consultant for the Arthur O. Eve '77 Mayoral campaign in Buffalo, NY he is now tossing his hat into ring for mayor of the largest and most important city in the U.S. Roland Rogers is a businessman in his own right who comes from a middle-class entrepreneurial family.

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY in the 1960's, Rogers said, "It was not unusual for local African-Americans and middle-class families back then to make a way for themselves." He attended the State University of New York at Buffalo and was a backup point guard on the same high school team with former NBA Hall of Fame legend Bob Lanier. His overall theme of small business empowerment is a concept he plans to cross into his own run that mirrors a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and is called The New York City Heritage Enterprise Fund (NYCHEF).

In those arenas where small and community based businesses best serve municipal development, NYCHEF will serve to produce public funding to work in concert with private capital formation to achieve profit oriented goals of magnitude. That "profit orientation" will be the redefined blend of changing community needs and directions with newly burgeoning vistas that will broaden the pallet of modern business investment. The NYCHEF assigned purpose would be to create jobs, expand businesses (individually and collectively), and acquire real property in NYC, in other areas of the nation ,and in cities worldwide. The benefits of this device would be earnings and annual dividends for its members. As structured, the NYCHEF would pay either diminished, or no taxes.

"By creating this $2 trillion fund, we believe whether citizens and small businesses can afford $24 or $2.6 million, every citizen can be an equal partner with every other in 'buying back' the City once bought for a reputed $24. What past and current government administrators may have seen as impossible, 8.5 million enterprising and ambitious citizens may see as sound investment. Our goal is to enlist New York's greatest wealth, its skilled, talented and most creative people, in pioneering new community educational and cultural ventures which abets and encourages new initiatives and enterprises that allow individual interest groups and communities to solve their own Needs - in a new urban frontier," Rogers said. "Monday, February 2, 2009, was New York City's 356th Anniversary based on the 1st municipal charter of self-government in America in 1653."

He noted, "A revolution is best conceived as the active phase of evolutionary change. In the future, nothing short of a revolution of ideas and creative new economic constructs will be necessary to accommodate the coming changes marking currently embryonic and surfacing business models."

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release contact Matthew Anderson at rrogers (at) nyc.rr (dot) com or visit

Unleashing The Power Of The People:
Roland Rogers' mission is to revitalize City Hall and to establish an open-door policy with communities, their leaders, their business owners, their various public officials and most importantly of all, their stakeholders; none other than the people of New York City. And while there is always room for discussion and dissenting opinion, the Rogers administration shall establish a zero-tolerance policy for unaccountability, waste, fraud or stagnation. For instrumental to the future success of the City of New York, is transparency of government. And such will not become a mere stump speech slogan, but rather a true promise. Roland Rogers simply wants his city back and he vows to realize just that by giving it back to its real investors, the people of New York City. A vote for Roland Rogers is not a vote against any other candidate, but rather a vote for Roland Rogers is a vote for you, the people of New York City. So, please join Roland, to help you in taking back ownership of your city once again.


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