Going Green: Worldwide Laser Announces Laser Marking Applications are Environmentally Friendly & Green

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Worldwide Laser offers laser systems from Co2, YAG, Fiber, and UV which all have the ability to meet industrial production requirements, protect your products and customers with proper product markings and do so in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.

Laser systems from Worldwide Laser Co2, YAG, Fiber, and UV all have the ability to meet industrial production requirements, protect your products and customers with proper product markings and do so in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. The LP series of Laser from Worldwide Laser provide for marking, cutting, and etching of products without any additives, sprays, or chemicals which are environmentally hazardous. This is important in terms of environmental considerations as certain additives like some ink and color spray agents can be considered environmentally damaging, the solvents, cleaning agents, and maintenance procedures associated with ink marking and ink based systems can also create environmental issues and concerns. Some jurisdictions and regulatory authorities have made or are planning regulations that would ban ink from food, medical, and pharmaceutical production areas and manufacturing facilities. The time to start planning and installing laser marking and laser cutting systems which are environmentally friendly and operate in a sustainable manner, while providing the consumer and product protection lasers systems allow, has arrived Worldwide Laser can help, 480.892.8566 option 5

This applications report will highlight an important environmentally friendly green application which features the LP8100 100w Co2 laser system at Aspenware http://www.apenware.ca.

Aspenware produces the very best biodegradable wooden cutlery in the world. The aspen and birch wood that used is incidentally harvested during the normal operations of the softwood forestry industry. The cutlery is manufactured entirely out of natural materials, environmentally responsible and earth friendly manufacturing is a driving force of Apenwares business. When Aspenware needed to find a way to put custom logos on the cutlery the choice was Worldwide Laser Service Corporation http://www.wlsc.com. WLSC supplied Aspenware with a state of the art automated system that engraves their cutlery using laser technology. Eliminating any possible impact on the environment from dyes or chemicals by using the Laser System, it was an important element in picking WLSC as the laser supplier. The laser was easily integrated into Aspenware's prototype manufacturing machinery and the final result is customized cutlery that adds brand recognition for our customers and us! Please see the pictures on the right of the this press release and the embedded video.

If you would like more information on Aspenware please contact us at:
1-877-547-FORK (3675) or email: info @ aspenware.ca
Worldwide Laser http://www.wlsc.com utilized an air cooled laser tube from Universal Laser, Worldwide laser galvo head and software for the laser engraving system at Aspenware. Several pictures of the Apenware product with Worldwide Laser etching are shown just below, video of the process can be seen at http://www.wlsc.com.

About Worldwide Laser
Worldwide Laser headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona and founded in July of 1986 builds Laser cutting, Laser marking, and Laser engraving systems; types of systems are Co2, YAG, Fiber and UV. (9.3nm,10.6nm,1064-1067nm and 355nm wavelength) Worldwide Laser Co2 (LP8000 series) laser systems are either galvo head or fixed beam systems utilizing sealed beam Co2 laser tubes.Worldwide Laser is one of the only remaining manufacturers of T.E.A. mask Co2 (LP2000 series) lasers can be driven either by spark gaps or thyratrons. In the mask T.E.A. business Worldwide Laser is one of the leading suppliers for new and refurbished parts, T.E.A. laser systems and beam delivery components for Lumonics Laser Mark Series Lasers. Co2 lasers from Worldwide Laser can either be sealed beam or T.E.A. Co2 and can be utilized for high speed and high quality laser marking or laser cutting. Worldwide Laser also builds diode and lamp pumped YAG (LP9000 series) lasers along with Fiber lasers for various laser marking, laser cutting, and laser engraving operations. We provide YAG laser systems that range from 6 watts to 600 watts. Worldwide Laser offers Galvo based and Fixed beam laser systems with complete product handling. Newly added are the LP9000U series of UV lasers at the 355nm wavelength which are ideal for many aerospace, medical, and plastic industries applications.

Worldwide Laser has installed systems and service operations in 12 countries on 3 continents in addition to the United States. Worldwide Laser offers custom laser controller software & laser consulting and we can provide windows-based laser controller software for all of our Co2, YAG, Fiber, & UV laser systems.

For added information contact 480.892.8566 option 5, e-mail info @ wlsc.com or visit our web site http://www.wlsc.com

Let the laser experts at Worldwide Laser design and install the correct laser marking solution for your products at Worldwide Laser we know lasers!

For additional information and details 480.892.8566 option 5, info @ wlsc.com or visit our web site http://www.wlsc.com


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