A New Out-of-System Alternative to Today's Health Crisis

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Fitness trainer breathes new life into a drowning system.

New York based fitness company, Ladimax Fitness rolls out 'healthFITcare', a new approach to fitness and wellbeing. Pick up a newspaper, browse a website, flip through a magazine: Wherever you search for information in 2009, the important buzzwords are change and responsibility. A new era has been ushered in. Reality has confronted us like no other time in our collective memory. We are faced with stark challenges and confronted with the changes we need to make to solve our problems. Individual and collective responsibility are seen as essential to our ability to meet these dire challenges. And while most of these warnings are focused on our economy and our personal financial states, they are equally appropriate when we consider our own health and wellbeing. Almost all of us need to make changes and take responsibility for our personal wellbeing, rather than just rely on the health care system to patch us up when illness or injury occur.

That's where Nicole Sanders steps in: Fitness fanatic, skilled and experienced massage and occupational therapist, certified personal trainer and mastermind of a new approach to fitness and personal wellbeing: healthFITcare. Recognizing that health, fitness and focus are all integral to maintaining and improving personal wellbeing, and to preventing illness and injury, Nicole has developed healthFITcare as a path to personal wellbeing that combines a multitude of therapeutic approaches and fitness opportunities. Personal responsibility, individualized attention and focus on the person as a whole are combined in a fun, enjoyable setting to help achieve and sustain the best a person can be.

Nicole, a 41-year-old Westchester resident who could easily be mistaken for a twenty-something athlete, is a living example of the approach she preaches. A go-getter who constantly creates new challenges for herself in her continuing quest to set the bar even higher, Nicole has integrated fitness and focused maintenance of her own wellbeing into every aspect of her life, all while recognizing that if she's not having fun, it's probably not going to happen. Nicole's lifestyle epitomizes the philosophy of healthFITcare: Develop a lifestyle that cultivates optimal health and wellbeing at every stage of life, and enjoy the process along the way.

healthFITcare's philosophy is to take a look at ones own health and fitness needs and determine a strategy that works for wellbeing, with the reward of knowing that a person will feel better, be stronger and thrive through each stage of life. What healthFITcare offers is not a replacement for traditional medical care but rather an accompaniment- a holistic approach to fitness and lifestyle choices that will relieve systems, improve wellbeing and lessen the likelihood of recurring injury or illness.

Rather than the usual health club approach that groups individuals together and offers pre-set options, healthFITcare presents a unique, individualized alternative. With no set membership fees, no large crowds or embarrassing glances, healthFITcare's goal is to provide the best approach, combining different modalities, to prevent injury or physical illness, to sustain and maintain physical fitness and to improve over all personal wellbeing.

The value people get is simple: they are treated in a proactive way. If they are injured or impaired, the focus is to get them on the path to better fitness and wellbeing. If they are healthy today, then the goal is to sustain and improve. Being healthy for years to come is the ultimate goal.

People spend billions of dollars each year as a society on all kinds of frivolous luxuries. But having a healthy body, mind and spirit is the biggest luxury in life.

For additional information on healthFITcare, go to http://www.healthfitcare.com. Or, to schedule your own free personal assessment and speak directly with Nicole, contact her at 914-815-8408. In today's challenging world, how can you afford not to?


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