BABE Rally vs 24 Hours of Lemons in $500 Car Grudge Match: "Eat my rust!"

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StreetSafari, organizers of the original European banger rallies, and 24 Hours of Lemons, organizers of the 24 hour $500 beater racing series, are bringing their teams together for a drag strip grudge match to decide who has the fastest road legal wreck.

StreetSafari and 24 Hours of Lemons, leaders in $500 challenge driving, are organizing a drag race between their respective teams in New Orleans.

StreetSafari and 24 Hours of Lemons each organize events with a $500 vehicle value limit. The StreetSafari event, BABE Rally, is a road rally, while 24 Hours is a full on race. The question, however, has remained: Who has the fastest wrecks? This will be decided at a race track in New Orleans on Saturday, June 6.

Justin Clements from StreetSafari, said "This will be a great chance to bring the two events together and for BABE Rally teams to show that we have the fastest $500 wrecks man can buy. Lemons have no idea how highly tuned our teams can be. If they make it to New Orleans, that is."

Jay Lamm from 24 Hours of Lemons, said "BABE Rally has no chance with their boulevard cruisers. We have professional racing machines, fully un-prepared to the lowest standards imaginable."

At stake is the honor of both events. Not pride, however, because you don't drive a $500 car if you have any kind of pride at all. A trophy will be awarded to the fastest time and another trophy will be awarded for the best vehicle that self destructs on the drag strip.

BABE Rally versus 24 Hours of Lemons will be held at No Problem Raceway on the June 6, 2009. Spectators are welcome.

Notes to editors:

1. BigApple2BigEasy (BABE Rally) is an annual road rally that takes place over 5 days in June 2009 from the 1st to the 5th in cars costing less than $500. For more information please see

2. 24 Hours of Lemons is a 24 hour race series of $500 cars that takes place at tracks across America. For more information please see

3. StreetSafari is the original European banger-rallying company. The original event, the infamous and highly successful Staples2Naples Rally (which takes teams from Staples Corner in London to Naples in Italy) first took place in 2003 and has taken place every September since. Due to overwhelming demand, further rallies have been introduced over the years including Home2Rome and CzechWrecks in Europe, Calais2Casablanca in Northern Africa, and BigApple2BigEasy (BABE Rally) in America.

For further information please contact:

Justin Clements, rally organizer: 850 525 5574


Journalists and media professionals are welcome to come along on the rally if they are writing up a feature. Please contact the organizer, Justin Clements, for more information.


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