Could George Washington Save America from Economic Disaster?

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A newly-released book explores the idea that what the Founding Fathers did to save America 200 years ago could save the nation now. The book tells the story of a man with a failing business who dreams that the Framers of the Constitution teach him lessons that pull his company back from the brink of disaster.

If the Founding Fathers were alive today, what advice would they give business leaders who are watching their businesses crash and burn at an alarming rate? A new book, "The American Dream: A Tale of Leadership from the Founding Fathers," written by author GinaMaria Jerome, explores this idea in the form of a fable about a man who dreams that Benjamin Franklin is his personal guide to business success.

"When I wrote the book, I had no idea how timely it would be," Jerome said. "I could never have imagined that America would undergo such enormous change, and businesses today would be failing so dramatically."

In the book Jarrod Willingsbee, a man whose business is declining fast, dreams he travels back in time to 1787 when the U.S. Constitution was being heavily debated during one very hot summer in Philadelphia. In his dream, Willingsbee gets leadership advice from the likes of Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and even George Washington. The framers of the Constitution teach Willingsbee seven principles about sharing a vision, engaging those around him, and being a revolutionary - lessons Willingsbee sees as ways to turnaround his own beleaguered business.

Though an interesting twist, the concept is hardly new. Business leaders have sought influential ideas from Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson. What makes Jerome's concept unique is relating the creation of a fledging nation to reviving a withering business.

"Through their words and their deeds, the Founding Fathers of the United States not only created the greatest nation in the world," wrote Jerome, founder of The Leadership Guild, "they passed along the secrets of their formidable leadership skills." Many believe these management principles are universal and can be readily applied to business, especially when it comes to sharing an idea and putting it into action.

"The American Dream reminds us that the Founding Fathers brought their vision to life," commented leadership coach Dr. Patrick Williams.

The book is well-timed in light of the recent presidential election.

"Whenever there's a new leader at the helm," said Jerome, a leadership coach, "it gives us time to reflect about what we might do differently, how we can change and make things better. My dream would be for this book to give leaders renewed hope, because if any country can rebound from a crisis, we can."

The book, "The American Dream: A Tale of Leadership from the Founding Fathers," can be ordered at iUniverse ( The Leadership Guild is committed to helping companies find solutions that develop strong leaders, elevate professional development, boost performance, and improve organizational management. Learn more at their website,

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