Have the Exodus Campsites Been Found?

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The Exodus campsites of Moses have been found according to the author of the new book God's Storehouse of the Deep and the Red Sea Path of Moses. In the appendix is the actual geographic satelite study that used gulf war map making technology to find all the campsites of Moses.

God's Storehouse of the Deep

A new novel entitled "God's Storehouse of the Deep" by John Clarke, published by Winepress Group from the state of Washington, incorporates a geographic satellite Exodus research that finds all the Exodus campsites of Moses from space. The research matches the geographic Exodus clues of Moses to the maps of the US Dept of Defense that were produced during the Gulf War.

The novel is a quick-read in the Indiana Jones genre. It is about John Michael, who is a pirate fighting research vessel owner, who is forced to fight pirates in order to gain time to do his deep-sea research in the Red Sea. The author admits that he fashioned his character with Mel Gibson in mind.

John Michael's ultimate quest is to renew the lost glory told in the "Song of Moses," in Exodus 15.

This is important because the "Song of Moses" is a witness to God's power to fight for and deliver his people to his habitation. That witness of God's power is important because the "Song of Moses" will be sung as part of a victory celebration in heaven by the martyred, "left behind saints" as told in the book of Revelation 15:3. The martyred saints are the ones who didn't acquiesce to the mark, the number and the image of the beast during the end time tribulation period.

The GPS summary of the research is found in the appendix of the novel and points to the mile deep, 136 mile long, natural deep sea road bed, verified by the US Navy, that took 3 to 4 days and nights for the Hebrews to cross. All the biblical geographic clues in ancient Midian, Edom and Moab are matched in perfect sequence with Mt Sinai and its adjoining wilderness included. The summary also tells where manna fell for the first time, where plagues and miracles occurred, and gives their arrivals and stays according to the biblical itinerary. The summary also incorporates findings of Sir John Philby, Barton as well as T E Lawrence of Lawrence of Arabia.


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