Dallas Doctor Determines Frozen Shoulder Syndrome is Neurological Condition

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Significant developments lead to improved understanding and recovery for doctors and patients.

Until recently, most in the medical community believed Frozen Shoulder Syndrome was an orthopedic condition. However, the research and patient outcome studies performed and published by Dr. Francis X. Murphy over the past 18 months clearly indicate that Frozen Shoulder Syndrome is a neurological condition rather than an orthopedic condition.

This discovery forms the core principal of the Murphy Quick Release (MQR) procedure and related treatment of Frozen Shoulder Syndrome. Because Frozen Shoulder Syndrome is neurological in nature, physical shoulder therapies become useful only after the nervous system has been righted. The MQR procedure effectively addresses the root neurological cause of the condition first. Then, the orthopedic aspects are treated through a variety of therapies.

An online video series is available now that reveals how both women and men with Frozen Shoulder Syndrome reacted to the MQR procedure. Dr. Murphy's patients encouraged him to make the videos available to the public so other sufferers can discover his effective treatment of this debilitating ailment. Patients appearing in the videos include women, men, diabetics, post-surgical, traumatic, and patients whose symptoms have no suspected or known origin. The videos can be seen online at http://wholehealthpartners.com/frozen_shoulder/movies.php.

Each participant in the Frozen Shoulder Syndrome study was required to have been diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder Syndrome by a currently licensed medical doctor. The study was designed to identify the cause of Frozen Shoulder Syndrome and determine whether the condition could be resolved using the Murphy Quick Release (MQR) procedure and protocols. According to Dr. Murphy, the reported clinical outcomes and video evidence substantiating the reported outcomes are "nothing short of phenomenal."

MQR curriculum is being finalized so chiropractic students and doctors can become certified to perform the procedure for patients across the United States and abroad. MQR training will be provided in the state-of-the-art facilities of Dallas-based Parker College of Chiropractic. In addition to training current doctors, the classes are designed to prepare today's chiropractic students to leave school with a scientific understanding of the causes and conditions related to Frozen Shoulder Syndrome.

Until the first class of newly trained doctors is certified to perform the MQR procedure, patients will continue receiving treatment from Dr. Murphy and his staff at Whole Health Partners in Dallas, Texas. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call (214) 368-3030 or visit http://www.wholehealthpartners.com.

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Whole Health Partners is a chiropractic care and Active Release Technique (ART) provider in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 1999 by Dr. Francis X. Murphy, Whole Health Partners uses modern chiropractics and ART to help people achieve and maintain health and vitality. For more information about Whole Health Partners please visit http://www.wholehealthpartners.com.

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