MobilityPass Internet Text Messages and Telephony Services Special Offer and New SMS Advanced Features Just in Time for Valentine's Day

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MobilityPass is adding new advanced features to its international 2 way SMS text messaging service. During the month of February, to celebrate Valentine's day and promote this new service, MobilityPass also offers a free welcome bonus to its new members. We can now send our Love and Romantic SMS, even anonymous text messages, to anywhere in the World at very low rates or even for free.

Sending love or romantic messages by SMS, phone calls or emails to our dearest, may, in many situations, not be as easy, quick and economical as it sounds. Either because typing messages on a phone keyboard is not very comfortable or because of the international or roaming charges incurred by the use of mobile phone or Internet access services while traveling,

For most of those situations where nowadays communication needs have to be responded, MobilityPass provides pay-as-you-go SMS, voice and Internet access services to its members so they can communicate the way they want everywhere they go at very reasonable fees.

This month of February, and just in time for Valentine's day, MobilityPass is introducing new and innovative features to its SMS text message service, giving a new dimension to this reliable, well known and useful mean of communication. Using MobilityPass SMS service through its user friendly web interface, allows us to type quickly a message with our computer's keyboard, select a contact from a phone-book, a list of recently or most used numbers, and much more. Among the new features we can highlight the International 2 way text messaging that gives us the possibility to send text messages from the web and receive the replies directly on our mobile phone. The recipient can now identify the sender's number when receiving a message. But in some situations, we might also prefer to send anonymous text messages, and MobilityPass SMS service still also allows us to mask the sender information.

Another new and original feature of this service is that we can schedule the delivery date and time of our SMS allowing us, for example, to program all types of reminders (birthdays, meetings...). Eventually, detailed acknowledgment reports have now been introduced and can be received directly on the sender's mobile phone if required. But, the best feature of this international 2 way SMS service is certainly its price which, even without MobilityPass February special offer, lets us pay for our international text messages way less that would cost a local SMS. And to test the service, MobilityPass offers a free trial account at and generous additional free credits for new members.

In response to all the problems incurred by roaming Internet access, MobilityPass range of secure communication tools and services currently includes wifi, dial-up and toll-free internet usage for anyone anywhere around the globe with a network of more than 3 million connecting locations in over 170 countries including USA, Italy, France, UK , Spain, China, India and airports like New York John Kennedy, Paris Charles de Gaulles, London Heathrow or Los Angeles International. Use the MobilityPass comprehensive Hotspot WiFi Finder at to check the coverage. Wifi Hotspots access are available in all major cities so you can send your greetings and love messages or even share your pictures in a few clicks. Free to setup and easy to use, the MobilityPass membership allows anyone to gain access to Internet, send and receive emails, send SMS or faxes or even make Internet phone calls while on holiday or during business trip using services provided by MobilityPass at http:/

For easy and reliable Internet access, several connections softwares or methods are available for PCs, laptops, eeePCs, Macs, PDAs, iPhone, iPods and many mobile or smart phones, though 30 day prepaid Internet access is still reserved to Windows XP or Vista users. Other pay-as-you-go communication services can be accessed and simply used from MobilityPass members area thanks to user friendly web applications.

Signing up for membership or for the prepaid Internet access plan only takes a few minutes, there is no set-up fee, activation is immediate and communication services such as SMS or Internet calls can be used immediately.

And to celebrate Valentine's day, MobilityPass offers to its members, a free welcome bonus of up to 15EUR so they can love messages by SMS, by phone call or email at any number from Berlin, Tokyo, Rome, Paris, Miami, Pekin, Bangalore or any other places they might be, to anyone, anywhere in the world.

For more information, or to activate an account instantly, please visit

About MobilityPass: MobilityPass has developed an unsurpassed reputation providing pay-as-you-go internet service to traveling clientele for the past eight years. Adhering to the highest customer service standards, the company has provided WiFi, broadband, dialup, toll free and 3G (UMTS) connections to individual roaming users or to entire companies on their corporate plan. To learn more about the company and the services they provide, visit:


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