New Cure for Allergy: It's Breakfast in Bed

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Once an allergy person starts sneezing in the morning, it is hard to stop. By drinking hot tea before getting out of bed, the body is warmed and the cascade of sneezing and hawking is avoided and you can have an allergy free day.

My patients put in the gel, and go outside and do gardening without taking pills or sprays.

Dr. Murray Grossan announces breakfast in bed for allergy in his latest book, Free Yourself from Sinus and Allergy Problems Permanently.

Dr. Murray Grossan proposes that anyone with allergy will benefit by having breakfast in bed. "No, this is not some new age claim. It is based on scientific principles."

Persons with allergy - tree, grass or ragweed- all have problems adjusting to temperature changes. In Allergy, when you get out of bed in the morning, your body adjusts to the temperature change by sneezing or hacking. This actually does warm the body, but it also starts a cascade of sneezing that can last all day. By taking hot tea before getting out of bed, your body is properly warmed and you avoid that sneezing.

Not only does the hot tea prevent the start of the morning sneeze, but there are also products in tea that increase the speed of movement of the nasal cilia that beat to remove dust and pollen from the nose.

Yes, it does have to be green or black tea. These are the ones that have been tested for antioxidant and cilia activity. Many patients stop their allergy symptoms this way.

Another way to reduce the allergy is to use saline irrigation to wash away the pollen from the nose. When you use the
Hydro Pulse™ Nasal/Sinus irrigator, you not only wash out the pollen, but also the IgE on the nose that makes the allergy. One report showed that Hydro Pulse™ irrigation not only lowered nasal IgE, but the IgE in the blood as well .

Many patients benefit by using enhanced saline solution designed to increase nasal cilia activity. The better the cilia movement, the better the pollen and dust is removed from the nose.

There are other factors that can help allergy sufferers. By keeping the windows of the bedroom closed, you avoid getting pollen into your sleeping area. Plants pollinate at 5 PM and 5 AM so sleeping with the windows open may cause symptoms. Remember too that you can carry pollen into the house on your clothing. Be sure to drive with your car windows closed during pollen time.

When you have seasonal allergy, it is important to avoid odors of perfume and lipstick, and avoid spicy foods. These all add to the allergy load.

Using a water soluble nasal gel can help avoid allergy symptoms. Originally, Breathe Ease Nasal Gel® was developed for persons who always get sick when they fly. The gel acts as a protective cover over the nasal tissue so that germs and cold viruses can't get into the body. By moisturizing the nose with a gel, the extra liquid helps healing factors get to where they are needed.

For pollen allergy the same principle applies. "My patients put in the gel, and go outside and do gardening without taking pills or sprays."

Everyone with allergy knows that anxiety and stress makes their allergy worse. A very good way to relax and help your immune system is to count your breathing. Breathe in at the count of four and out at the count of six. There is a new science that is called psychoneuroimmunology that shows that this type of relaxation can boost your immune factors significantly.     Remember, it's not the pills you take that get you well, it's your own immune system, so try measured breathing. Do this 2 minutes every hour on the hour. (There are no costs and no side effects.)

"By following the tea in bed, irrigating out the pollen and IgE, putting the nasal gel as a barrier to the pollen, many of my allergy patients are able to go through the pollen season without other aids.

If you have allergy or sinus problems, you should read,
Free Yourself from Sinus and Allergy Problems -Permanently by noted sinus author Murray Grossan, M.D. The book also details self -helps for headache, This book is copyrighted 2009.

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