January is an Ideal Time for Breast Augmentation in Fort Myers

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Many plastic surgeons are recommending that women seeking breast augmentation in Fort Myers consider scheduling their surgeries in January and February. According to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Campanile, the choice to have breast enhancement procedures in the early part of the year has both practical and aesthetic advantages.

More and more plastic surgeons in Naples, Florida, Fort Myers, and other communities in the Southwestern part of the state are encouraging breast augmentation patients to consider undergoing their surgeries earlier in the year. Doctors such as board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Campanile of La Bellezza Cosmetic Center and Day Spa (http://www.abeautifulbody.com) cite healing and recovery time as the prime reasons for this recommendation.

Many women start to focus on making cosmetic changes to their bodies in the springtime, in anticipation of bathing suit season. "As the winter wardrobe starts to give way to more revealing warm weather clothing, most plastic surgeons near Naples, Florida start to see a rise in inquiries about breast augmentation," according to Dr. Campanile. However, springtime breast augmentation patients often do not fully realize their surgical results until well into or even beyond the spring and summer months. Choosing to have the surgery earlier in the year assures that swelling has subsided, scars have healed, and the breasts have "settled" into a more natural position in time for the clothing and activities of spring and summer.

November and December are hectic, busy months for most people, and may not be an ideal time for plastic surgery. "Women in particular can be exhausted after the holidays," says Dr. Campanile. "After weeks or months of shopping, decorating, cooking, and entertaining, many women feel that the first few months of the New Year are a time to focus on their own needs."

During this period, many women take stock of their goals and make their own health and well-being a priority. Since breast augmentation is viewed by many women as a means of improving confidence and self-image, it is not uncommon for breast augmentation in Fort Myers to be among a woman's New Year's resolutions.

According to Dr. Campanile, "There are numerous advantages to scheduling your breast enhancement in the early part of the year." For example, less-revealing winter clothing makes it easier to disguise swelling, dressings, and support garments while healing takes place. Furthermore, the winter weather naturally limits our outdoor activities, making recovery after surgery easier for many women. During the spring and summer months, we are much more active, and the care required after breast augmentation may be more of a challenge.

"Ideally, women should allow at least 4 weeks before returning to exercise and regular physical activities, and scars may take 6 months or more to fade," notes Dr. Campanile. Most patients also experience swelling that lasts for several weeks, causing the breasts to appear somewhat high on the chest at first. For patients who want to show off their enhanced figure by spring or summertime, Dr. Campanile states, "Having surgery in January or February provides the optimal timeframe for healing and recovery."

Dr. Frank E. Campanile (http://www.abeautifulbody.com/dr-campanile.cfm) is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery of the breast, body, and face. He earned his M.D. degree from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and completed 9 years of specialized training in advanced plastic surgery techniques at McGill University and at Ohio State University. At his Fort Myers practice, La Bellezza Cosmetic Center and Day Spa, the goal is to blend medical excellence and cosmetic skill to help you to achieve the look that captures and expresses your individual beauty.


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