Zoomerang Survey Finds Americans' Love Lives Mostly Unaffected by the Troubled Economy

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Love waits for no one-- not even the economy. Americans show heart and resilience this February.

Zoomerang, the leader in online surveys, today released the results of its February 2009 consumer survey focused on how the economy has affected people's love lives. Surprisingly, the online survey of more than 200 respondents in the U.S. found that many people are not affected--in fact, 70% say their love lives have not been impacted by the weak U.S. economy. When asked to expand on their answer, one survey taker said, " Been married 32 years and care for each other enough that we don't need entertainment to show our love." What is clear from Zoomerang's survey is that many people haven't reduced their spend on dates and Valentine's Day gifts this year--some encouragement that is much needed for our wounded economy.

Of the 52% who said they would be shopping for a Valentine's Day gift this year, 58% of Zoomerang survey respondents said they plan to spend the same on a gift this year as they did last year. Past Zoomerang surveys have seen consumers spending less on back to school and holiday shopping to deal with their thinner wallets. So, why the change when spending is related to love? One conjecture relates to the amount consumers are spending. With 42% spending between $25 and $49 on their gift and another 29% spending under $24, perhaps the traditional chocolates or flowers (hopefully not picked from the neighbor's yard) are just remaining on the rotation. When asked about dating spend, a similar result came across. 50% of consumers are spending the same or more on dates in the last six months than they did at this time last year.

Certainly, many people will still be cutting back on love related costs. 49% of people indicated they have been spending less on dates in the last six months than they were last year, with 26% saying they were spending significantly less. 54% of people surveyed said they have been spending less than $50 on a typical date during this tough time. When asked where they usually spend the most money when on a date, 75% listed going to restaurants as the major cash drain. Movie theatres should also beware, not only were they listed as the second most expensive date, but 37% of survey takers said their favorite cost-effective date alternative was renting a movie.

Zoomerang's survey also found some other interesting love stats:

  •     19% of people buying a Valentine's Day gift this year will not buy a card.
  •     The most lavish gift survey respondents received from a loved one was expensive jewelry (34%). Some interesting gifts were listed in the "Other" category, including a "Nintendo Wii" and "an antique handgun."
  •     56% of people list trust as the most important aspect of a love relationship, while 0% listed money.
  •     8% of people say appearance most attracts them to another person after they've spoken with them, while 56% say personality is the biggest factor and 17% list a sense of humor.

Zoomerang also asked those who are in a relationship how they are spending time together without breaking the bank. Some great ideas included, "taking walks," "cooking together," "doing small home improvements together," and "dancing." In addition, 36% of couples say the economy has brought them closer in their relationship. One respondent said that now, "We spend more time at home where we can talk without disruptions."

When all is said and done, money does still play a factor in people's relationships. In fact, another study done by the National Retail Federation finds that consumers will be spending less this Valentine's Day. And, when asked to rate how important money is in a love relationship, only 15% of Zoomerang survey respondents indicated it was not at all important while 31% indicated it was important.

About the Zoomerang Survey
Data was collected using Zoomerang's online survey software and is based on feedback from 225 U.S. respondents drawn from ZoomPanel, MarketTools' proprietary online sample source of more than 2.5 million individuals who have been validated through MarketTools TrueSampleä. The overall margin of error was 6.5 percent with a 95 percent confidence level. The majority of those surveyed were married or in a serious relationship. 41% of respondents were employed full-time; 9% were unemployed, but looking for work; and the majority of respondents were between the ages of 25-54.

About Zoomerang
Zoomerang, part of MarketTools, Inc., pioneered Web-based surveys in 1999 to give organizations a powerful, self-service alternative to conduct accurate comprehensive surveys with a minimum of cost and effort. Today, Zoomerang is the world's #1 source for online surveys, helping thousands of organizations, including over 70 of the Fortune 100, in over 100 countries. Zoomerang provides a powerful alternative for organizations that need to conduct fast, accurate, comprehensive surveys with minimal cost and effort. Zoomerang's business, educational and non-profit customers have created and sent more than 100 million surveys. Zoomerang supplements its surveys with expert professional services, including survey programming, and the recruitment and selection of custom groups of survey respondents.

To learn more about how you can use Zoomerang to collect great insights for your organization, please visit us at Zoomerang.com and sign up for Zoomerang today.


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