International Family Magazine Highlights Youth and Role Models Globally in February, 2009

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International Family Magazine brings you the stories of youth and role models in the U.S. and abroad in this exciting U.S. Presidential Inauguration and first 90 days in office of Barack Obama. IF mag is an editorial community for the whole family in all 45 countries worldwide and both kids, parents and grandparents are chiming in on politicians, celebrities and even media sources as either good or bad influences on youth today. Role Models and Youth is an exciting and often dangerous topic. International Family Magazine looks at college students finding their way and honors the lost youth of the U.S. Virginia Tech Massacre as one of our worst global family tragedies of youth in the last five years.

Do as I say, not as I do.

February, 2009 is International Family Magazine's month to highlight Youth and Role Models globally. Youth today is empowered and independent. That is fantastic and at times, scary even for the youth themselves. Kids are making films and launching careers on You Tube, inventing new products as entrepreneurs and even becoming rock stars as early as they can walk. IFmag looks at youth from all angles and voices, especially the voices and faces of young people around the world. Every generation requires a revolution to grow up and take over the government and social establishment, so that the next generation can start their own revolution. It is the way of life and history.

International Family Magazine ( is the only multicultural magazine for families today living in the U.S. or abroad. IF mag simply publishes the stories of real family members across the globe. You won't find any advice, or judgmental rants. You will find personal stories that warm your heart, make you cry or shake your fists. But each story gives us a glimpse into the humanity of all of our efforts worldwide to raise our young, take care of our elderly, and bring ritual and tradition into our lives. International Family Magazine provides a global neighborhood of voices. Whether in Vietnam, Germany, U.S. or the United Kingdom, we are all going about the same thing in a different way and you, the reader get to see it all at once in a single media click.

International Family Magazine or IFmag knows that the young people in our families need role models in their life. In IF mag's issue this February we hear from two American youths, one in Washington, D.C. and one in London, United Kingdom. These two youths in the U.S, and the U.K. both agree that the inauguration of the 44th U.S. President of Barack Obama has made quite a splash for our young people both in the U.S. and abroad. Although International Family Magazine stays centrist and non-political so that it is inclusive rather than exclusive - the person of Barack Obama and his wife Michelle and daughters Sasha and Malia are a family to watch. The world is watching and filled with hope and dreams found in the dignity, grace and unity this family portrays.

There is the old and worn out cliché', "Do as I say, not as I do." It is an old and worn out cliché because just like a rusty old car it has run out of use. It is not a classic, shall we say. Even when the totalitarian rule of parents and elders were in vogue, young children grew up resenting a hypocrite. And today, more than ever, a young person will be honest to the authenticity of an adult or older person that is meant to lead them. It is the greatest challenge for the caretaker of any family to realize this critical place as an authority figure in the lives of young people and the accountability that brings.

International Family Magazine for the month of February 2009 looks at parenting from the eyes of Grandma Ellen. Grandma Ellen is a wonderful generational voice for IF mag that writes her monthly column on the topics of the issue. February being on youth and role models, Ellen Blaustein chimes in how "supervised" and "scheduled" the youth of today are in the United States. Ellen's column simply reprints lists left for her and Grandpa Morty when taking care of their grandchildren. Ellen questions which youth was misspent - her own childhood wanderings in the neighborhood inventing fun out of nothing, or her grandchildren's micro-managed lives?

Catherine Wayland, Managing Editor and Founder of International Family Magazine, takes up a global pen pal relationship with Hella Kramer from Bonn, Germany for her readers. It is an inter-cultural and inter-generational exchange. In her first letter to Hella, Catherine comments on the youth of the U.S. and asks Hella and her Germany if things are different or the same? For instance Wayland reflects on the parental guidelines for discipline in the U.S. and how absolutely hands off things have become leading parents to flee their children for daycares, and after-school programs. This is a fascinating, inter-cultural discussion. Stay tuned....

Not surprising, the television is a big target of parents in IFmag who write about the youth in their lives. Television and the Internet have become sources of very sophisticated material. Cheryl Paley, resident columnist for the New Global Family writes about the problems of role models on TV. Brooke Allen from Father's Stories makes the reader laugh with the story of a bullet hole through his family's television after his entire family got tired of the addiction to T.V.

In the February issue of International Family Magazine for 2009, there is the strength of youthful voices such as Jessica S. in Washington D.C., and Jessica L. in the U.K. These two women speak from a place of joy and adventure and are a delight to watch make choices and grow. Jessica in Washington D.C. tells of a socio-political confrontation that ends with cake on her college dorm room door. And Jessica Long in the U.K. tells of wonderful events in London during the much globally televised U.S. Inauguration.

International Family Magazine tells all sides of the family stories. In their February issue, they do a reprint of a Global Eulogy from 2 years ago that honors the lost youth in the U.S.Virginia Tech Massacre. These memorialized youth were also strong, vibrant, and on paths to greatness as well. But the young man that shot them down was a troubled, troubled boy. And International Family Magazine asks its readers to ponder that as well. When we know of a child that is lost and isolated, we must PAY ATTENTION.


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