Robin And The Giant Release Patriotic Song, Encourage Students To Stand For Pledge Of Allegiance

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Recording artists Robin And The Giant have released a song to promote patriotism and are encouraging students to stand during the Pledge Of Allegiance. The song, titled "I Stand For America," utilizes the double meaning of the word "stand" and tells three stories that point out the importance of maintaining the traditional acts of respect associated with American symbolism.

Recording duo Robin And The Giant have released a new song titled "I Stand For America" to promote patriotism and to encourage students to stand during the Pledge Of Allegiance. The lyric of the song makes its point by telling three different stories of Americans proudly embracing their heritage.

Robin And The Giant stated, "There's currently an issue facing the Marion County School Board in which they will decide whether or not to drop the rule that makes it mandatory for students, who are able, to stand during the Pledge Of Allegiance. We felt that our song, 'I Stand For America,' gently reminds all of us of the reason we stand during the pledge and the symbolism in that simple act of respect."

The first story in the song is that of an American war hero who was left without legs while serving his country. The wounded Veteran is the scheduled guest of honor at a memorial ceremony. The song utilizes the double meaning of the word "stand" and as the legless Vet pulls himself up to the podium microphone to speak he proclaims that he "stands for America."

Robin And The Giant said in a recent interview, "We've attended ceremonies for Veterans in Ocala, where we live, and have felt that the attendance at such events would be greater for these true American heroes if only more people were aware of the events. It is our job as communicators to help spread that word."

The duo went on to say that they felt they could make a difference with the song.

Larry Whitler, who is The Giant in the duo, said, "There's a line in the song that states 'The freedom they gave was for millions, now a handful of prayers will be said,' which illustrates how so many have benefited from the service of our Veterans and how so few take the time to say 'thank-you.' We are hoping that Americans will realize that their freedom has always been protected and maintained by the sacrifice of our men and women in the military and we really need to turn out in greater numbers to show our appreciation for those sacrifices."

The second story in the song is of a Fourth of July parade. The lyric paints a Norman Rockwell type image depicting an old man standing to salute as a Boy Scout troop passes by with the American Flag. The old man's 6-year-old grandson follows his grandfather's lead and also stands to salute while proudly proclaiming, "This is what we're all supposed to do."

Robin MacBlane said, "We've never been political and we're not being political with this song. We feel this song simply points out that the American Flag, Fourth of July parades, memorial ceremonies honoring Veterans, and anything symbolic of America are all important elements of our common heritage and need to have a special place of honor and respect." MacBlane continued by saying, "If we don't teach our children that freedom is not free then they will take it for granted and, eventually, someone will take it away from them."

The third story in the song is of an immigrant arriving in New York Harbor and seeing the Statue of Liberty for the first time. Whitler points to the line in the song that says, "With her hand held up high and a tear in his eye, freedom was now in his hands" and states, "That line reinforces the understanding that freedom is a precious gift that needs to be tended to, maintained, watched over, and protected. The Statue of Liberty and the American Flag are among many symbols of this amazing privilege we have in America to live free. We don't worship our symbols but, instead, we salute, place our hands on our hearts, and stand out of respect for the many things those symbols represent and for the sacrifices made by our soldiers and sailors to protect those things."

The song, "I Stand For America," and a video slideshow set to the song are both available as free downloads at

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