Dermaxin: A Secret Defense Weapon for Presidential Wrinkles

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According to a recent theory that was published by Dr. Michael Roizen, the Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, US presidents actually age two years for every year that they serve in office. Dr. Roizen compiled his theory based upon detailed researching of US presidents, their medical records, and their lifestyles, dating all the way back to the days when Theodore Roosevelt was president. As the newly elected Barack Obama is most certainly looking at a future eight years (two terms) in the White House, one way that the president could stave off the unfortunate side effects of presidential stresses during his tenure is by using a wrinkle treatment like Dermaxin to combat the signs of aging that are doubled--according to Roizen's theory--during presidential terms.

According to a recent report that was published by Dr. Michael Roizen--the Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic--US presidents actually age twice as quickly as normal when they are serving in the Oval Office. The theory is attributed to amounts of detailed research that Dr. Roizen has conducted by studying the medical records of US presidents, dating all the way back to Theodore Roosevelt.

Roizen took into account important factors that could affect aging, such as blood pressure, diet, and physical activity, as well as lifestyle preferences in order to calculate the algorithms of his theory. Dr. Roizen concluded that the average US president ages two years for each year that they are serving in the office of the President of the United States.

Of the current newly elected US president, Roizen admits there is not too much immediate risk. "Barack Obama is a fairly young guy and doesn't have that great of a risk," Roizen noted in a January 7th interview with CNN. "If he's president for eight years, he ends up having the risk of disability or dying…like someone who is 16 years older."

However, aging sixteen years for two terms that accumulate to eight actual years can leave profound and noticeable remarks on the outer appearance of anybody. Even former president Bill Clinton entered the Oval office with a healthy lifestyle and physique, only half gray-haired at the time he took the oath of office. But upon leaving office after two terms of presidential stresses, Clinton was clearly aged, white-haired and wrinkled.

"According to Dr. Roizen's theory, what president Obama could benefit from most, with regards to the doubled risk of aging while undertaking the stresses that come hand-in-hand with being the leader of the Free World, is Dermaxin wrinkle cream--a secret weapon, of sorts, for fighting presidential wrinkles," states Jenny Watts, spokesperson for Dermestetics, the makers of Dermaxin wrinkle cream.

Dermaxin wrinkle cream can be lightly applied and massaged into the skin one time per day. Dermaxin is clinically-proven to show noticeable wrinkle depth reduction within the first ten minutes of application, and has also been proven to reduce the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles by as much as 44% during the first few months of usage.

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