iBwave Now Supports Data From Outdoor Industry Software Leaders to Fully Bridge Gap Between Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Network Solutions

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iBwave Partners With Forsk, Aircom International, Mentum, AWE Communications and Siradel to Import Outdoor prediction in its RF-vu Software for Optimal In-Building Designs

iBwave announced today that it has added a new feature to the RF-vu in-building wireless software that will allow it to import the outdoor macro layer coverage footprint into RF-vu, offering for the first time the possibility to have a single view of a building's coverage . The new indoor/outdoor feature is compatible with multiple industry-leading outdoor wireless network planning tools.

Through the 3D propagation model engines developed by AWE and Siradel, the three outdoor software leaders Forsk, Aircom International and Mentum can now share their outdoor 3D coverage prediction with RF-vu. With this new capability, industry players such as operators, integrators and equipment manufacturers will now be able to better design, optimize, analyze and manage their in-building networks and coverage expansions.

"Now that we can read coverage data coming from leading outdoor software tools, we believe that we can offer the ultimate innovative solution to the industry value-chain, that will for the first time fully bridge the gap between the indoor and outdoor worlds," says Mario Bouchard, President and CEO of iBwave Solutions. "We are confident that our relationship with outdoor planning tool vendors will bring new heights in applying RF simulation in a real world context and creating a new quality standard for the wireless industry worldwide."

These partnerships follow last year's first initiative with Mentum towards building a better synergy between the outdoor and indoor wireless industries. With this new feature, outdoor RF Engineers will be able to export outdoor 3D prediction maps into RF-vu and display outdoor prediction results at multiple heights, combining them with indoor planning results generated by RF-vu's Propagation add-on Module. The interference coming from outdoor environments is a key element to properly design indoor wireless systems since it allows to better position indoor antennas and define the RF power needed to meet specific technology requirements.

"As of today, most engineers use the outdoor planning tools to predict coverage at street level. With RF-vu's new functionality, we have given versatility to the outdoor 3D prediction as the coverage can now be analyzed in the vertical plane within our indoor planning software," says Mario Bouchard, President and CEO of iBwave. "Today's indoor and outdoor RF Engineers are working in two separate worlds, which do not reflect the reality whereby the indoor and outdoor planning for wireless networks should be interconnected. With RF-vu's new ability to import outdoor data results, we are bridging for the first time all the indoor and outdoor pieces together, that is to reflect and simulate the wireless reality of how functional and optimized wireless networks should perform."

This is the first feature that includes so many partners at once and it will bring a tremendous value to RF-vu users by allowing them to design the indoor system with consideration for what's coming from the outside, hence reducing guesswork and costly optimization reruns. This enhanced indoor/outdoor feature will be available with RF-vu version 4.2, which is to be released at the end of February 2009 and is planned to evolve with time according to a well defined roadmap.

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